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5 Types Of Businesses That Benefit From Co Space

Remote working under lockdown has transformed workspace models and brought a new way of thinking with regards to flexible co-working space or what is also known as “co space”. When the concept of renting shared office space first reached the shores of South Africa, most people viewed it as an opportunity for self-employed entrepreneurs to make a move from their kitchen into something more professional.

It was almost unimaginable that, by the end of 2020, both professionals and corporates would be looking at swapping their large corporate offices for shared office space! The current pandemic has seen corporates increasingly investigating co-working and flexible office space that is available to rent. Businesses have recognised the following benefits of sharing office;

  • Reducing office space rents and related service costs.
  • Entering more flexible lease agreements to easily increase or decrease the office space required.
  • Exploring synergies with other like-minded business people.
  • Exchanging ideas.
  • Increasing sales leads and productivity.
  • Connecting and networking to increase business opportunities.

It has also been interesting to realise how many different types of businesses at various stages in their lifecycles are already successfully using the benefits of the fully-serviced office space that they rent. These types of businesses include;

Freelance Entrepreneurs

This type of business person is used to working on their own and has quickly adapted to the co space working model. They are now able to reap the benefits of sharing their ideas with other similar professionals and expand their business networks accordingly.

Outsourced / Remote Workers

The pandemic increased the incidence of remote working, and employers observed how their remote employees were able to function just as effectively as in a traditional office. However, they still required access to copiers, faxes and meeting rooms from time to time.

Employees requiring a satellite office for limited periods have also been drawn to the concept of shared workspaces/co space. This model allows these types of workers to operate from any professional workspace that is available for rent and offers all the daily business facilities that would be required.

Early Start-ups

Even start-up companies need a place to meet with each other and to plan their business strategies. Professional workplaces, such as the fully-serviced shared office spaces that The Business Exchange rents out in Sandton, Rosebank and Mauritius, are the perfect platform from where these start-ups can gain exposure to more experienced businesses and learn from them.


Larger and more well-established businesses have already recognised the flexibility and associated savings that providers of prestigious office space can offer them. Fewer employees at the office due to rotational or shift-working under COVID-19 conditions, may imply that vast office space is no longer as big of a requirement as it once was. Smaller, leaner yet well-equipped offices that are available to rent on short-term leases are becoming far more popular.


Small to Medium Enterprises probably enjoy flexible office space the most since they are not tied into lengthy lease contracts. They are also among the first types who take advantage of all the events on offer and facilities at their disposal. Events, such as those held at The Business Exchange, include networking and mentoring events and tenant have access to facilities such as onsite gyms, meeting rooms, cafes and restaurants.

Thoughts about traditional office space rents and centralising the workforce are becoming more outdated as companies and industries of all sizes see the many advantages that flexible, shared office space has. Human Resource trends are mainly responsible for driving these changes as work-life balance, and health concerns become more predominant.

Transformed workspaces are the new way of collaborating.

To find out more about the benefits of co space, contact The Business Exchange.

Commercial Property – A Trend Towards Agile Small Office Space

July 2020 – Cracks are starting to emerge in the work-from-home scenario that has been brought about by the COVID-19 lockdown. Besides many workers complaining that they feel disconnected, projects are being drawn out; on-site training is challenging, the lack of on-site mentoring is hindering personal development, and even recruitment and onboarding is proving to be more problematical. It is also becoming increasingly apparent that, with the resurfacing of a second wave of the virus in Europe and Asia, the majority of workers will not be going back to “business as usual”.

According to a McKinsey Consumer Pulse Survey carried out in March 2020, more than 80 percent of survey respondents were already looking at reducing their spending habits. This, together with decreased spending, cutbacks and other business disruptions during the lockdown, impacted on an already vulnerable economy and indicated a sharp decline in company profitability.

In this new normal, businesses are looking for innovative and flexible ways in which to reduce their costs and increase their profitability, while still ensuring the health and safety of their employees. Once the pandemic has been brought under control, employees may end up alternating between working remotely from home on some days, and in the office on other days to reduce the health risks brought on by congested office spaces. This translates to savings for businesses that may not now require as much office space as they did pre-COVID-19

The Trend Towards Sharing Office Space – Safely

This provides a strong case for an increased demand in the renting of co space or shared office space, where companies only pay for the workspace that they use and share certain business services and facilities, resulting in an overall cost saving.

There are plenty of office spaces to rent in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban, as well as throughout the rest of South Africa, which can help mitigate the challenges brought on by the COVID-19 crisis. Tenants can leverage the latest technology provided by these commercial property landlords, such as;

  • access to high-speed fibre optic internet
  • access to high internet bandwidth
  • video conferencing facilities

Coworking Office Space Is Not Affected By Geographical Location

Coworking office spaces also allow the tenants to focus on their operational efficiencies and drive innovation. Geographical restrictions for employees are no longer a constraint when searching for a small office space to rent, because the employee can choose from one of many shared office spaces across the country. It also means that recruiting highly-skilled candidates from all over the country becomes easier, in that they are not always bound to geographical locations.

The trend towards the uptake of coworking space also means that employers can provide their employees with, not only a reduced commute time but also, safe and hygienic places to work in – without necessarily increasing their costs by implementing the rigorous COVID-19 sanitising procedures. Providers who rent out commercial office spaces, are required by law to ensure that their premises are regularly sanitised and to adhere to all the latest health and safety regulations on containing the spread of the virus.

Is Your Office Workspace Regularly Sanitised?

When searching for commercial property to rent, the following protocols should be present to support minimising the impact of the virus on tenants within the building;

  • Sanitising stations should be present at all entrances of the building, and throughout the workspaces.
  • Thermal screening should be used at all entrances of the building.
  • Compulsory wearing of masks on the premises.
  • Regular disinfecting and sanitising of workstations and deep cleaning of high-traffic areas.
  • COVID-19 awareness material on display.
  • Use of HVAC air conditioning filtration systems to ensure a constant flow of fresh air throughout the offices.
  • Social distancing implemented in open plan areas, canteens and coffee stations.

The Business Exchange is a provider of commercial office space to rent in Johannesburg, with offices in Sandton, Rosebank and Morningside. They also have offices in Mauritius. The Business Exchange adheres to stringent COVID-19 regulations to ensure that although things may look a little different when employees return to work, they will still be highly functional and most importantly, safe.

Flexible Office Space: 5 Fundamental Ways to Save Costs

February 2020 – Landlords who are serious about doing business, such as The Business Exchange (TBE), are looking for efficient, well-organised companies who are equally serious about delivering results in a shared office space environment.

If you are not already familiar with the term “co-working”, it is a working environment where business is conducted in a shared space by a wide range of professionals, from entrepreneurial freelancers to large corporates.

Shared Office Space

These shared workspaces rent out virtual, private and shared office spaces, which include the use of business facilities, meeting rooms and common areas. Some, like TBE, also offer on-site cafes, gyms and restaurants, as well as a host of other services. David Seinker, CEO of TBE, says, “As the costs of office space rentals increase, space sharing is becoming crucial. With TBE, you only pay for the workspace you use.”

Shared Business Utilities

Seinker also pointed out, “By sharing communal business equipment, facilities and spaces, companies enjoy cost-savings benefits, not easily found in traditional office lease agreements.” High-speed WiFi, 24/7 access and security, as well as generators – a must to conduct business in South Africa nowadays – are a major drawcard to these sophisticated and professional offices spaces, located in prestigious business areas.

Flexible Office Lease Agreements

Companies are finding it increasingly difficult to forecast their space requirements over more than five years, which makes the flexibility of co-working office space all the more appealing, particularly if your business derives most of its income from contract-based work.

Flexible Workspace Management

Flexible workspace offerings contribute to significant cost-savings when it comes to renting office space. With the average lease period being from one year for small businesses up to three years for larger companies, office space flexibility, in terms of both lease length and the ability to quickly up or downscale office size, is becoming a sought-after benefit.

Building A Business Network

The value of a vast, professional business network can never be underestimated. Besides getting to mingle with other businesses in a shared workspace, professional office space providers such as TBE, regularly host workshops and other professional networking events, where you can build your networking community – which can lead to a whole host of new opportunities.

Shared office space should be considered if you want to fully reap the cost-benefits of co-working, networking, and the associated innovation for your business that comes from it.

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How To Know If you Are Ready For Coworking Office Space

March 2019Coworking office space is not merely a trend anymore, but is fast becoming an acceptable and cost-effective place where entrepreneurs, SME’s and even satellite offices of large corporates can conduct their business from.

Coworking or sharing office space entails people from different companies renting an open office area and sharing amenities such as the internet, Wi-Fi, office furniture, meeting rooms, copiers, scanners, etc.

Ideally, this is the next step for any entrepreneur or small business who feels the need to get out of their “home office” or coffee-shop meetings and to engage with their clients in a more sophisticated environment.

Commercial office space can be prohibitively expensive, so the concept of coworking space is very appealing to entrepreneurs as it often includes a range of additional benefits that small business may not be able to afford on their own, such as;

  • High-speed internet and Wi-Fi
  • Generators during load-shedding
  • Copiers and scanners
  • On-site restaurants, coffee shops and gyms

In addition, quality coworking office spaces – such as those offered by companies like The Business Exchange, expose their tenants to many free business networking opportunities held monthly. During these events, coworking office tenants are able to share knowledge as well as establish and grow their own networks in these conducive environments.

Aside from the social benefits, these networking events are also highly strategic and provide valuable learning opportunities for tenants of shared office space as they are able to gain valuable insight from talks and presentations from invited guests and business mentors.

10 Questions to determine if you are ready to share office space?

If you are already considering the benefits of sharing office space, then you may want to ask yourself the following questions;

  1. How much time and money do you spend working from coffee-shops?
  2. Are you easily distracted when working from your “home-office”?
  3. Do you feel isolated working at home or even from a coffee-shop?
  4. Would you like nice furnishings and surroundings but just can’t afford it yet?
  5. Do you need venues for meetings or events?
  6. Are you in need of some IT assistance from time to time?
  7. Would you like to meet your clients in a professional location?
  8. Do you need, but can’t afford, a Receptionist to greet your clients and answer your calls?
  9. Are there business services that you require, such as aircon, cleaning, security and maintenance, but you are unable to afford?
  10. Do you need cost-effective access to a printer, scanner and other office peripherals?

Coworking or sharing office space will help you to build your business by exposing it to many other types of businesses and like-minded people. In addition, if you have employees – they will benefit from the many perks that come with your flexible, coworking office lease, such as free coffee, snacks, gym access, etc.

For further information about the benefits of co-working office space, please call us on +27 72 928 2127 or email us.

Why We Love Coworking Workspace in 2019!

February 2019Coworking space is growing in South Africa with tangible benefits being appreciated by both small and medium enterprises, as well as large corporates. We explore some of the reasons why we just love coworking workspace in 2019!

Coworking Means A Quick Office Space Setup

One of the main benefits of renting coworking office space is that the landlord provides essential shared services and facilities which include;

  • rooms for meetings, training, seminars and product launches;
  • copiers;
  • PABX’s;
  • cleaning, maintenance and reception staff.

A full IT infrastructure guarantees tenants access to state-of-the-art technology fully enabling business productivity, and providing seamless connectivity anytime, anywhere securely and efficiently. This infrastructure includes, amongst other services;

  • high-speed fibre-optic internet;
  • video conferencing;
  • biometric access;
  • environmentally-friendly lighting with motion sensors.

Get The Best Location For Your New Office

Providers of fully-serviced and flexible office space usually have a number of office locations situated in prestigious areas, close to major CBD’s and transport hubs. Tenants can take advantage of these prime office spaces at a fraction of the cost, and can even negotiate to use more than one shared office space location.

Niche Office Spaces

In order to make their commercial properties more marketable, landlords of serviced office spaces endeavour to ensure that all their workspaces are beautifully designed and furnished to create the ultimate working environment and encourage its tenants’ productivity. Tenants are presented with a choice of private or coworking office spaces in different sizes and configurations to suit their company structure. These workspaces are easily scalable if business experiences a quick up or downturn and different-sized offices are suddenly required. They are also perfect for when the additional workspace is needed for special projects or for temporary employees and consultants on an ad hoc basis.

Community Inspired Networking Makes Business Sense

Coworking office space in 2019, such as the types of workspaces offered by The Business Exchange (TBE), located in Sandton and Rosebank, is becoming more than just a workspace; it is forming business communities. These communities of like-minded professionals are already on the path to achieving their goals, but they need more than just a place to work. Sharing office and workspace offers them the support of a business network which is geared towards the same ideals.

Find Free Marketing For Your Business Here

Some landlords of private and shared workspace have recently recognised the benefits of  marketing and promoting their tenants through media channels and events, and forward-thinking companies, such as TBE, regularly engage with live business shows to promote their tenants on television programmes in South Africa.

Sharing Office Space Creates Valuable Networking Opportunities

TBE recognises that internal business events are highly-beneficial opportunities for their tenants to network with other tenants and influential business people. Valuable insight is gained during these events, which provide numerous opportunities to market products or services.

If you are a serious business leader looking for coworking office space to connect and conclude significant deals in an enabling business ecosystem in Southern Africa, then we suggest that you consider a company such as The Business Exchange.

How To Share A Coworking Office Like A Boss!

August 2018Coworking is a style of work that involves sharing a workspace, office equipment and a working environment with a number of people who are usually self-employed or employed by a number of different companies

Co-working business centres, such as The Business Exchange, are growing in popularity with small business owners, freelancers and remote office workers. This can largely be attributed to; lower operating business costs – thanks to a number of shared office resources, as well as extensive business networking opportunities that co-workers enjoy.

Although co-working or shared office space may be great for business, some employees, especially those with a more introverted personality-type, may at first experience apprehension about this new working style.

In order to alleviate some of this initial stress, it is necessary to professionally personalise your allocated workspace as much as you possibly can. We’ve put together a few suggestions for you.

1) Get Comfortable

We’ve mentioned that you need to personalise your allocated workspace, and this is where adding a few of your personal effects makes all the difference. A special hand cream, photo frame or small plant will add a little of your own personality to your surroundings. Since air-conditioning is centrally controlled in business centres, a wrap or jacket could be left at your desk for colder days. If you don’t occupy the same workspace every day, then keep your desk paraphernalia in a small, stylish tote bag which you take home with you at the end of each day.

2) Shut Out the Noise

Open office spaces may tend to be a bit noisy from time to time, so it’s worth investing in a set of high-quality noise-cancelling headphones, or even earphones with your own playlist to help you better focus.

3) Take a Break

Well-equipped business centres offering shared office spaces should have a number of options in which to work, other than open office spaces. A quiet place to work is vital from time to time, as is a suitable place for a bite to eat or a coffee break.

David Seinker, CEO of The Business Exchange says, “A successful coworking office environment should be able to meet a variety of business needs during the day.” The Business Exchange business centres have a variety of small, private meeting areas, lounges, boardrooms, on-site coffee shops, restaurants and even gyms where tenants can take a well-deserved break or relieve their stress.

This popular business centre, which has offices in Sandton, Rosebank and Morningside, also offers private offices for companies who prefer an alternative to co-working, or virtual office space for entrepreneurs who are not yet ready to take on a formal office space, but who require a professional business address and call-answering and directing service.

Etiquette in Co-Working Office Space

The growing trend towards co-working office space, or shared office space, has been boosted by the introduction of new technologies as well as the desire of vibrant entrepreneurs to work from an affordable and professional office environment, where they can benefit from interactions with other like-minded business people.


As a tenant of this type of office space, you are obviously not able to choose whom you share an open office with, and depending on your work ethos, it may take you some time to adjust to your new neighbours – especially if they are unaware of the negative effect they may be having on others around them. This can make this type of communal office model challenging.


Most challenges in a co-working office can be attributed to;

  • An imbalance in perspectives about giving and taking in the community of tenants
  • A lack of, or breakdown in, trust and communication between tenants
  • The tenants becoming too comfortable with each other and taking advantage of one another


In terms of handling the various challenges that may arise in a co-working office space from time to time, these seem to be the most prevalent and are quite often easily dealt with by keeping one’s emotions in check and maintaining open channels of communication;


Distractions in an Open Office Space

Noise and activity, although expected, can be very distracting to some people in an open plan office if it becomes excessive. Unusually loud conversations conducted between colleagues or over the phone should preferably be moved outside or to a private meeting room, so as to cause minimal disruption to others in your co-working office space.


Mess in Communal Office Areas

Unfortunately, not everyone may be as neat as you and people often fail to clean up after themselves. While most companies who rent out office space, such as The Business Exchange, employ office cleaners to keep the premises clean and tidy, there may be times that the mess left in the kitchen by one of your co-workers, or their untidy office desk just gets too much.


Cultural Values and Manners

In our melting pot of cultures, an action that may seem perfectly reasonable to one person may seem insensitive and rude to another. This is an ideal opportunity to communicate with each other about the perceived problem and to learn more about both cultures. However, a co-worker who, for example, constantly takes off their shoes and puts their feet up on the desk, may need some guidance in terms of manners!


Social Interactions in Shared Office Space

Due to its flexibility, co-working office spaces, which allow tenants to quickly take up rented office – or move out, it may be difficult to understand when you are intruding on a new co-worker’s workflow. Under these circumstances, it is best to be informed about formal networking times, until you understand your co-worker’s business process more thoroughly.


Missing Belongings

Another annoying factor that sometimes arises in a shared office environment, especially between co-workers who have been working together for a long time, might be the ease with which they borrow your office supplies or phone charger and not return them. In a case like this, a polite request to return the equipment in future may be required, or you may need to lock more valuable items up if you are away from your desk for long periods.


Overstaying Meeting Room Bookings

Another frequent annoyance for some companies who rent meeting rooms is when the host of the previous meeting overstays his/her booking. This is a typical example of when, as the tenant, you do not get involved but address the issue with the on-site Business Manager.


4 Tips for Handling Conflict in a Co-Working Office Space

  1. Keep your emotions under control
  2. Ensure that you have all the correct facts to evaluate how big the issue really is
  3. Decide if you can manage it yourself without having to escalate it to the on-site Business Manager
  4. Discuss it with the relevant person and give them your perspective, then ask for and suggest your own solutions to come to a mutually agreed compromise.


These tips all point to how important it is to create a healthy culture within the tenant community, which is something that The Business Exchange has managed to successfully create within its own business centres in Sandton, Rosebank and Rivonia.


David Seinker, CEO of The Business Exchange, says, “A healthy culture of open communication within our tenant community has enabled our tenants to find common ground with each other and we have found that there are very few issues that cannot be resolved when you have this culture present.”


Tenants of The Business Exchange manage to sort out most problems with each other if they arise, but they also have a level of comfort in being able to take any major concerns to the Manager of the relevant business centre. “If our tenants are feeling uncomfortable or are experiencing a constant problem, our Business Centre Managers are always more than happy to assist with resolving the issue at hand,” says Seinker. “If you build the right kind of culture in a shared workspace, the tenant community will make it work because they are happy there and want the status quo maintained.”


At the end of the day, the fundamental rule for all co-workers sharing office space is to be considerate of others. This means not doing something in the open office environment which may annoy or irritate others sharing the same space with you.



Contact us to setup a meeting with one of our office managers, view our offices and to secure your office space at The Business Exchange.

Why Is Co-Working Office Space Becoming More Desirable?

Jan 2017 – As a provider of private, shared and virtual office space, we have noticed that there is something very unique about our co-working spaces.

If you are not yet familiar with the term “shared office space” or “co-working office space”, it is a business model that brings together bright, creative entrepreneurs and freelancers in a shared office environment. This co-working space provides individuals with centralised administrative services and office equipment, where they can network and generate ideas.

Office Autonomy is King!

Our community of tenants at our co-working offices experience a level of autonomy which provides them with the option to choose their own working hours, break times, whether they want to work in a quiet area or in a more open area should they prefer the dynamic interaction with other entrepreneurs. They are even able to work from home and have their calls professionally redirected.

Self-Discipline in the Office

Interestingly, despite having this autonomy, they find that they are very self-disciplined which can be attributed to working in a community of like-minded individuals who have subconsciously developed their own office structure and culture which is a huge motivating factor.

Additional Services and Benefits of Co-Working Office Space

The Business Exchange, with offices in Sandton, Morningside and Rivonia, provides more than simply office space. To encourage valuable networking, regular business and social events are held. Guests and clients alike are impressed by our spacious, well-designed premises filled with trendy art works from local artists.

Professional reception services and meeting rooms provide the right tone for formal meetings or seminars. On-site coffee bars and restaurants offer a welcoming break from the office environment.

Office Space for Strategic Growth

Office space should be regarded as a strategic tool for growth and our flexible and affordable leases from one month and upwards are enticing entrepreneurs and businesses who may need to up or downscale offices at short notice. Our co-working office space may also be rented on a daily basis as and when needed.

Renting co-working office space with a prestigious address has never been easier, or most cost-effective.

For more information on our full service offering, please contact us.

Get CoWorking Space in Johannesburg

October 2016 – If you aren’t already familiar with the term “coworking”, it is a work style where entrepreneurs, business people, independent contractors or remote workers share a collaborative office environment.

This work style not only involves the sharing of coworking office space, but also the cost-effective sharing of business resources such as; meeting rooms, lounges, canteens, document stations, reception services, IT and telephone services, etc. It offers freelancers and other individuals, who work on their own, an opportunity to build their own business network.

At The Business Exchange, we offer a variety of flexible contracts for shared, creative coworking office spaces in Johannesburg – in particular, Sandton and Rosebank. Our sophisticated, shared offices with beautifully furnished interiors are designed to inspire you from the moment you set foot in them.

David Seinker, our CEO, and his staff go to great lengths to cultivate a unique community spirit where the emphasis is on the personalised human element as well as a strong sense of identity. Seinker says, “I want our tenants to have purpose and meaning when they come to work – they must feel inspired! Employees who are inspired ultimately have an abundance of energy and great ideas.”

With 5 hours of free meeting room space per month, uncapped fibre optic internet, telephone access and a variety of concierge services, you will be able to maximise your productivity in our refined environment. In addition, our prestigious offices are conveniently located close to major CBD’s and have secure on-site parking. Should you prefer to use public transport, our offices are easily accessible from the Gautrain bus routes.

The Business Exchange coworking office space also offers you opportunities for personal growth in addition to building your business and professional network. This is done through the many different peer-to-peer events that we hold monthly for our tenants and where highly-respected guest-speakers regularly impart valuable business knowledge to motivate and mentor our tenants.

Apart from our free tea and barista-served coffee, we also have our own on-site canteen where you can take a break if the pace gets too hectic.

Our coworking office spaces are an affordable solution to luxury office space and can easily accommodate your business no matter the size or business stage.

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