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5 Quick Tips About Shared Workspace

September 2018 – So, you’ve decided to take up a coworking space in a beautiful office and you arrive prepared, with your laptop in tow and surrounded by an air of expectation. As you step over the threshold into your new open workspace you suddenly ponder what the unwritten law of etiquette is in the workspace.

In one of our previous articles, we discussed how “The Workspace You Occupy Creates A Unique Culture” . Practising effective etiquette in a shared workspace is another aspect of creating a unique office culture, which can significantly contribute towards business success.

Courteous relationships in the workspace depend on a couple of factors, of which we have found these to be the most important;

Tone It Down

Whether it’s your ringtone or tone of voice, it’s important to consider others in your workspace. Speaking in a loud voice other colleagues or on the phone is a no-no in an open office. It’s also in very bad taste to air your personal issues over the phone. Rather find a quiet corner or a small, private meeting room to conduct a conversation where emotional issues are involved. Another very annoying factor in an open office can be ringtones that imitate insects chirping, machinery grinding or F1 racing cars going around the track, driving your office colleagues insane! If you have a radio on your desk, remember that not everyone has your excellent taste in music, so adjust the volume accordingly!

Clean Up, Wipe Down

Nobody likes working in a mess, whether it’s in the kitchen or the office. If you make a mess – clean it up out of respect for other people who have to use the same facilities.

Scents-ational Odours

Strange body odours which creep up on you from a colleague who may have a hygiene issue are not the only annoyance factors in the workspace. Some people tend to enjoy their spray-on fragrances so much that they can’t wait to share it with everyone at work. They liberally drench themselves in their favourite perfume, and this applies to both men and women. Those with ultra-sensitive olfactory organs balk at the smells of warmed fish, broccoli or mass-produced curried noodles wafting through the office first thing in the morning.


Coworking workspace is an excellent opportunity for networking with other business professionals, but the trick is to get the balance right. Too much chatting and you can interfere with someone else’s hectic schedule. Privacy in an open workspace should be valued just as much as networking.

The Work Space That’s Mine!

On signing up for your flexible coworking space, you will be allocated your own workspace as well as being able to share other open-plan offices and facilities. Ensure that you understand the unspoken boundaries of personal workspace and don’t utilise anyone else’s paid office space. A great idea to own your workspace is to tastefully personalise it, but without bringing in a carnival-type vibe. You can read more about owning your workspace in one of our previous articles “How To Share A Coworking Office Like A Boss!

In short, be considerate in everything you say and do in an open workspace – and hopefully, your colleagues will reciprocate.

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