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How we are tackling Covid-19 in our Workspaces

Girl with mask to protect her from Coronavirus

COVID-19 Health & Safety Policy

Table of Contents

1. Introduction to H&S Policy – COVID19
2. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and Hygiene in the Workplace
3. Access into TBE Premises and Building Rules
4. Cleaning Protocol and Disinfectant Equipment
5. Professional Distancing in the Offices and Use of Common Areas
6. General Rules and Guidelines
7. Support and Contact

1. Introduction to H&S Policy – COVID19

The Business Exchange would like to reassure our tenants and staff that our main priority is to uphold TBE as a safe place in which to work. This means that we will take every possible measure to reduce the risk of you becoming infected with the COVID-19 virus at our locations, through various preventative measures and systems. We want to provide a safe working environment for all who enter our doors, and we will do our utmost to ensure that the rules and regulations, to be outlined further in this document, are adhered to at all times.

The policies below summarise the various health and safety protocols that we are incorporating at all our locations, to help combat the spread of the virus and to ensure adherence to strict workplace hygiene standards.

To further safeguard and assist our members, we will be selling masks and other protective equipment at cost to our tenants, which will be available for purchase at all of our locations. These measures will be reinforced with a thorough daily cleaning routine in line with World Health Standards, as part of our new offering to our tenants. This will allow everyone working at our premises to focus on their company while we take care of the vital health and safety protocols.

If we all cooperate and follow the rules and regulations as set out by the government, we will significantly reduce the risk of being infected and spreading the virus, whilst allowing us to continue to attend the workplace and ultimately, we will ensure the sustainability of all of our companies.

2. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and Hygiene in the Workplace

2.1. Wearing of face masks outside the home is now a mandatory requirement by the government, and all people entering TBE will be required to wear one.

2.2. Reusable fabric masks will be available for purchase at cost from TBE locations. Directions for use will be included.

2.3. Reception, cleaning and coffee shop staff are required to wear face shields during working hours.

2.4. Cleaning staff will use protective gloves in addition to following all health and safety standards.

2.5. All occupants at TBE should practice respiratory etiquette by covering their coughs and sneezes and by turning away from others when doing so.

2.6. Staff, members and guests will be required to practice the necessary hygiene principles as advised by the government, including frequent hand washing and sanitising.

3. Access into TBE Premises and Building Rules

3.1. Property Managers at all TBE buildings will ensure that all safety standards and measures are implemented to safeguard anyone visiting one of our locations. These measures will include, but not be limited to; the use of touchpoints such as lift buttons, bathroom door handles, biometric access, and the completion of registration documents at security checkpoints. Every building will have a visible set of clear guidelines for anyone entering the premises.

3.2. Hand sanitisers will be made available before entering the offices. All visitors, tenants, and staff are required to sanitise before entering TBE premises.

3.3. Fever Scan thermometers issued at all TBE premises will be used to test the temperatures of all persons entering the building, visitors and tenants who enter the offices.

3.4. Biometric fingerprint access will be temporarily disabled. The Receptionist will assist with opening doors, and other systems will be implemented, such as foot door openers.

3.5. Signage with instructions on TBE’s Health and Safety policy will be clearly visible in key central areas at all TBE locations.

4. Cleaning Protocol and Disinfectant Equipment

4.1. Mobile or fixed hand sanitisers will be located at reception, in all meeting rooms, coffee shops, printer areas, kitchens, and other communal spaces.

4.2. Regular cleaning will be conducted with particular attention paid to all frequently-used touchpoint areas such as; printers, boardroom tables, door handles, light switches, desks, bathrooms, kitchens, and other shared facilities.

4.3. The required training and induction for cleaning staff will be conducted before the reopening of any centre to ensure workplace safety and readiness.

4.4. Cleaning staff will follow a strict daily roster and hygiene practices, which will be closely monitored by management.

4.5. All cleaning chemicals and disinfectants will conform to SABS standards. Waste disposal will be conducted at more regular intervals.

4.6. All goods delivered to the offices will be sanitised before they are handed over to tenants.

5. Professional Distancing in the Offices and Use of Common Areas

5.1. Meeting room capacity will be reduced to 50% with certain spaces such as the whiskey and travel rooms being made temporarily unavailable.

5.2. Open-plan work areas will now only allow for an “every other” desk work policy.

5.3. TBE staff will assist occupiers of private offices to adjust their workstations to allow for a layout that is more conducive to health and safety standards.

5.4. Coffee shops will trade as usual, and food and beverages will be served as per government guidelines.

5.5. Coffee shop suppliers will be closely monitored to ensure that they adhere to the requisite safety standards.

5.6. Gym facilities will be temporarily closed.

6. General Rules and Guidelines

6.1. TBE tenants and their guests are required to wear face masks at all times. Face masks will be available for purchase at all TBE locations.

6.2. Wearing of face masks when travelling to and from work is mandatory.

6.3. Signage incorporating the critical points of our policies will be displayed in strategic places at all TBE locations.

6.4. Various personal protective equipment (PPE) will be available for purchase at all TBE locations to ensure the safety of our tenants and their guests.

6.5. If anyone working at TBE has been in contact with anyone known to have the virus, they should refrain from coming to the office.

6.6. If anyone suspects that they may have come into contact with a person infected by the virus, they should refrain from coming to the office for at least 14 days.

6.7. Adherence to strict hygiene practices in both the home and workplace is advised to reduce the risk of spreading the virus.

6.8. People should stay away from the office or leave the TBE premises immediately if they feel ill or start experiencing any flu-like symptoms.

6.9. If someone suspects they may be sick with flu-like symptoms, they should leave the premises immediately and inform TBE staff of their suspicions via email or digital message.

6.10. Everyone is required to adhere to all government guidelines and laws.

6.11. If someone at the workplace is found to test positive for the virus, the premises will immediately be evacuated by all and a thorough deep-clean of the entire workplace will be conducted.

6.12. Offices will only reopen after a thorough deep-clean and once approved by the necessary authorities.

7. Support and Contact

For any further information or questions, please contact the following people handling our Health and Safety procedures:

Marjorie Ndesi

David Seinker

For more government updates on the Coronavirus click here.
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