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How Businesses Can Succeed in Shared Workspaces in Johannesburg

Office Tips from The Business Exchange. 25 April 2019

The evolution of shared workspaces in Johannesburg has contributed towards an increase in business productivity, seemingly from an improvement in the overall levels of employee engagement and their resulting motivation. Several contributing factors include; the implementation of collaborative work practices, creating personalised workspaces and establishing flexible working hours, as well as the reduction of business overheads resulting from shared costs.

Collaborative Work Practices in A Coworking Office Create Valuable Business Networks

A collaborative workspace consists of a number of both private and public areas and offices, where tenants can meet, brainstorm, work or relax. The designs of these private and shared workspaces are purposefully planned to provide tenants with a connection to the outside by maximising the use of light, art and furniture.

Coworking offices offer ample creative spaces for comfort and utility, with an uplifting atmosphere which in turn creates a positive and powerful work culture.

Many landlords with shared office spaces to rent, such as The Business Exchange in Johannesburg, have recognised the potential of their spaces and offer tenants with numerous opportunities to increase their business networks.

These opportunities vary in tone and can be either formal or informal. The Business Exchange, for example, holds free monthly networking events for their tenants. These more formal type of events are usually hosted by a recognised business mentor who shares his or her work and life experiences to the benefit of the audience.

Less formal interactions also take place during meetups at onsite gyms, during pilates or yoga sessions or during coffee and lunch breaks at onsite venues and cafés, where opportunities for informal networking abound.

Flexible Working Hours Improves Employee Engagement and Production

Flexible working hours should not simply be regarded as a perk. LinkedIn released their 2019 Global Talent Trends Report earlier this year, which reported that 72% of professionals see flexibility in the workplace as vital to shaping recruitment processes in the future.

With a 78% increase in job advertisements mentioning “workplace flexibility”, it was also recommended in this report that companies embrace flexible working hours and remote working possibilities for their employees’ mental health and motivation. Companies should be encouraging their employees to produce high-quality work within set time-frames, rather than concentrating on soul-destroying clock-watching.

Reduce Business Overheads with Shared Workspace in Johannesburg

The advantages of sharing office space can only be fully appreciated in situ. Business owners are finding that they are not only saving costs on the rented facilities such as office space, furniture and business equipment but also on shared services such as; office maintenance and cleaning, professional reception and IT services and security.

Legitimate business expenses are also easier to claim when renting coworking office space, since everything, including all facilities and services, is itemised on a monthly invoice.

The Business Exchange offers upmarket, flexible, private and shared workspaces in and around Johannesburg for growing businesses in need of opportunities in a like-minded community.

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