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Why We Love Coworking Workspace in 2019!

February 2019Coworking space is growing in South Africa with tangible benefits being appreciated by both small and medium enterprises, as well as large corporates. We explore some of the reasons why we just love coworking workspace in 2019!

Coworking Means A Quick Office Space Setup

One of the main benefits of renting coworking office space is that the landlord provides essential shared services and facilities which include;

  • rooms for meetings, training, seminars and product launches;
  • copiers;
  • PABX’s;
  • cleaning, maintenance and reception staff.

A full IT infrastructure guarantees tenants access to state-of-the-art technology fully enabling business productivity, and providing seamless connectivity anytime, anywhere securely and efficiently. This infrastructure includes, amongst other services;

  • high-speed fibre-optic internet;
  • video conferencing;
  • biometric access;
  • environmentally-friendly lighting with motion sensors.

Get The Best Location For Your New Office

Providers of fully-serviced and flexible office space usually have a number of office locations situated in prestigious areas, close to major CBD’s and transport hubs. Tenants can take advantage of these prime office spaces at a fraction of the cost, and can even negotiate to use more than one shared office space location.

Niche Office Spaces

In order to make their commercial properties more marketable, landlords of serviced office spaces endeavour to ensure that all their workspaces are beautifully designed and furnished to create the ultimate working environment and encourage its tenants’ productivity. Tenants are presented with a choice of private or coworking office spaces in different sizes and configurations to suit their company structure. These workspaces are easily scalable if business experiences a quick up or downturn and different-sized offices are suddenly required. They are also perfect for when the additional workspace is needed for special projects or for temporary employees and consultants on an ad hoc basis.

Community Inspired Networking Makes Business Sense

Coworking office space in 2019, such as the types of workspaces offered by The Business Exchange (TBE), located in Sandton and Rosebank, is becoming more than just a workspace; it is forming business communities. These communities of like-minded professionals are already on the path to achieving their goals, but they need more than just a place to work. Sharing office and workspace offers them the support of a business network which is geared towards the same ideals.

Find Free Marketing For Your Business Here

Some landlords of private and shared workspace have recently recognised the benefits of  marketing and promoting their tenants through media channels and events, and forward-thinking companies, such as TBE, regularly engage with live business shows to promote their tenants on television programmes in South Africa.

Sharing Office Space Creates Valuable Networking Opportunities

TBE recognises that internal business events are highly-beneficial opportunities for their tenants to network with other tenants and influential business people. Valuable insight is gained during these events, which provide numerous opportunities to market products or services.

If you are a serious business leader looking for coworking office space to connect and conclude significant deals in an enabling business ecosystem in Southern Africa, then we suggest that you consider a company such as The Business Exchange.

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