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Why We Love Coworking Workspace in 2019!

February 2019Coworking space is growing in South Africa with tangible benefits being appreciated by both small and medium enterprises, as well as large corporates. We explore some of the reasons why we just love coworking workspace in 2019!

Coworking Means A Quick Office Space Setup

One of the main benefits of renting coworking office space is that the landlord provides essential shared services and facilities which include;

  • rooms for meetings, training, seminars and product launches;
  • copiers;
  • PABX’s;
  • cleaning, maintenance and reception staff.

A full IT infrastructure guarantees tenants access to state-of-the-art technology fully enabling business productivity, and providing seamless connectivity anytime, anywhere securely and efficiently. This infrastructure includes, amongst other services;

  • high-speed fibre-optic internet;
  • video conferencing;
  • biometric access;
  • environmentally-friendly lighting with motion sensors.

Get The Best Location For Your New Office

Providers of fully-serviced and flexible office space usually have a number of office locations situated in prestigious areas, close to major CBD’s and transport hubs. Tenants can take advantage of these prime office spaces at a fraction of the cost, and can even negotiate to use more than one shared office space location.

Niche Office Spaces

In order to make their commercial properties more marketable, landlords of serviced office spaces endeavour to ensure that all their workspaces are beautifully designed and furnished to create the ultimate working environment and encourage its tenants’ productivity. Tenants are presented with a choice of private or coworking office spaces in different sizes and configurations to suit their company structure. These workspaces are easily scalable if business experiences a quick up or downturn and different-sized offices are suddenly required. They are also perfect for when the additional workspace is needed for special projects or for temporary employees and consultants on an ad hoc basis.

Community Inspired Networking Makes Business Sense

Coworking office space in 2019, such as the types of workspaces offered by The Business Exchange (TBE), located in Sandton and Rosebank, is becoming more than just a workspace; it is forming business communities. These communities of like-minded professionals are already on the path to achieving their goals, but they need more than just a place to work. Sharing office and workspace offers them the support of a business network which is geared towards the same ideals.

Find Free Marketing For Your Business Here

Some landlords of private and shared workspace have recently recognised the benefits of  marketing and promoting their tenants through media channels and events, and forward-thinking companies, such as TBE, regularly engage with live business shows to promote their tenants on television programmes in South Africa.

Sharing Office Space Creates Valuable Networking Opportunities

TBE recognises that internal business events are highly-beneficial opportunities for their tenants to network with other tenants and influential business people. Valuable insight is gained during these events, which provide numerous opportunities to market products or services.

If you are a serious business leader looking for coworking office space to connect and conclude significant deals in an enabling business ecosystem in Southern Africa, then we suggest that you consider a company such as The Business Exchange.

EVENT HIGHLIGHTS – TBE Business Breakfast on 14th September

September 2017 – The Business Exchange recently held a highly successful networking breakfast in Rosebank, at one of their prestigious Business Centres, where 11 speakers addressed over 150 attendees about the need to persevere as an entrepreneur.

Our exceptional speakers, all part of our tenant community, shared their positive experiences about The Business Exchange and how The Business Exchange was supporting them through their entrepreneurial journey throughout the challenges and successes.

Such events enable our tenants to learn from the experience and to grow their businesses, whilst collaborating with other likeminded entrepreneurs, and accessing the greater TBE network.

Our speakers highlighted 6 important factors for entrepreneurs to consider;

  1. Take risks – there is no perfect time.
  2. Challenges in life can become opportunities.
  3. Stay humble as you grow.
  4. Friends and families are a great place to start looking for support when first starting up.
  5. Africa has a lot of potential for business.
  6. Don’t be scared to ask for what you want – the worst thing someone can say is No.

We would like to extend our thanks to everyone who attended our networking breakfast in September as well as our speakers, whose input was of immense value to all delegates.

Shana from Intellicred: 

Intelligent credibility is what IntelliCred™ is all about. We live in a connected world where ease of access means complete vulnerability. IntelliCred™ is working tirelessly to create a safe and secure cyberspace, where you can trust what you see and protect what you value from brand to identity. We are a driven team, passionate about our company and helping our customers from falling prey to scams of all kind.


Sean from Currencies Direct

Currencies Direct Ltd is a UK-based foreign exchange broker and international payment provider. It delivers currency exchange services in a number of countries to individuals, online sellers and businesses.


Conrad from Hashtag

Hashtag South Africa is a Technology (digital media focused) company in line with the National Development Plan 2030 of South Africa to introduce, implement and integrate the use of Social Media, Fibre Communication, Cloud Computing and Mobile Application Development into SME, Corporate and Public Sector in #SouthAfrica. Preparing tomorrow as we welcome AI.


Cezanne from Britain Renecke

Britain Renecke is a boutique corporate commercial law firm, established at the start of 2015.  We are 100% Black woman owned. Like all law firms, Britain Renecke aims to offer “excellent, unparalleled quality of world class, value-added and meaningful services, together with fresh and innovative and unique innovative solutions with a high degree of client care and partnership. Unlike other law firms, Britain Renecke has based its business model on running lean and is not confined by conservative corporate conventions. We understand that our clients want fair and equal value. The skill set of the Britain Renecke team is unlike that of other law firms. Our unique combination of skills, the quality of our thinking and consistent delivery, is what sets us apart.


Andrew from Command Quality

Command Quality was one of the first in South Africa to master the use of Agile and SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) test automation tools and with our extensive experience in these tools and others, we deliver more cost-effective testing, implementation and delivery. We are proud of our proven test automation knowledge and we are confident that we have the best automation testing resources and methodology available, to implement tailor-made customised test automation processes for our clients at competitive rates within the shortest time. Command Quality deploys experts in key positions of the testing life cycle. These experts have comprehensive expertise across diverse products, domains and technologies.  We are well versed in the traditional Waterfall as well as the more recent Agile test methodologies over the last decade as well as using commercial and open source testing tools. The Command Quality team has experience in the insurance (life and short term), health, retail and telecommunication industries. This list, while not complete, illustrates Command Quality’s knowledge and expertise to assist its clients in achieving their most challenging goals.


Nehson from Software Arkitex

In 2006, a group of industry Architects collaborated to improve the Architecture that software projects yearned for. The ability to combine Business Architecture, Solution Architecture and Domain Architecture was fundamentally lacking in the market. Our vision and DNA shaped our approach. We arrived at a unique methodology to deliver the art of Architecture. Softare Arkitex was formed in 2008 where our founders believed that we had a recipe for Architecture value propositions that were different, yet necessary. Our industry strengths at inception were Insurance and Financial Services and we later transitioned into the Telcom industry.


Debbie from Swift Momentum

Swift Momentum’s mission is to be the most dynamic specialist recruitment firm in the IT, Telecoms, Digital and Tech sectors in South Africa, working with the most respected and innovative companies in the country. As a technology-focused recruitment business we know what it takes to empower the inspired. Championing the highest standard of integrity, confidentiality and business ethics, our team is driven, committed and passionate about the industries we serve and take great pride in sourcing the most suitable, progressive and game-changing individuals. http://swiftmomentum.com/

Tendai from Purple Orchid

We are a young team who is passionate about world class events and bringing our clients’ dreams into reality. We create memorable experiences that evoke emotions, shape opinions and make things happen. Providing unique ideas and concepts, we cover everything from furniture to catering.


Antoinette from KGI holdings 

We develop effective, target focused market penetration strategies stretching from South to North Africa. http://kgiholdings.co.za/

Denver from Den Africa Corporation 

Den Africa Corporation assists businesses expand their businesses into the rest of Africa through their business network.

Didi from Mwabu

We bring talent, teachers and technology together across Africa, ensure a high level of education from which all learners can benefit from and contribute towards a new future for themselves and their continent.


The Business Exchange is Regarded as More Than Just a Landlord of Rented Office Space

Each of the speakers also thanked The Business Exchange for adhering to their ethos of being more than just a landlord and by the end of the function, it was clear that The Business Exchange is recognised by its tenants, for the collaborative journey that it takes its tenants on to create a close-knit tenant community within all the business centres.

It is also a place, where tenants who rent office space from The Business Exchange in Sandton, Rosebank and Morningside, are assisted and encouraged to expand their business networks through other events held by The Business Exchange throughout the year.

CEO of The Business Exchange, David Seinker says, “We take a personal interest in the success of each of our tenants who rent office space from us we and provide them with as many opportunities as possible to be mentored and to network with other like-minded companies.”

Office Space in Sandton, Rosebank and Morningside

The Business Exchange has fully serviced offices for rent in Sandton, Rosebank and Morningside and is currently embarking on an expansion programme to reproduce these successful business centres throughout the rest of South Africa as well as into Africa and Mauritius.

Potential tenants can rent private or shared office space, as well as a Virtual Office, on a flexible lease at any one of the Business Centres. Not only will these tenants receive modern and spacious offices in prestigious locations, but they will have access to;

  • 24/7 security access
  • High-speed fibre optic internet
  • Professional reception and call-directing services
  • Centralised business hub for copying, faxing, etc.
  • On site-restaurant and coffee-bars
  • Meeting and Training rooms for hire

The Business Exchange also extends invitations to its tenants to attend regular networking sessions with guest speakers.

If you are looking for office space to rent and would like to become part of this vibrant community, please contact The Business Exchange today for competitive and flexible office rental rates.



Contact us to setup a meeting with one of our office managers, view our offices and to secure your office space at The Business Exchange.

Youth Centre Partners with The Business Exchange on Heritage Day

October 2016 – At the end of last month on Heritage Day, the Business Exchange – in partnership with Crystal Horizons Youth Centre, a Voluntary Youth Organisation, hosted a heritage celebration at the Morningside branch.

The objective of this multi-cultural event was to promote nation-building, social cohesion and understanding, whilst raising awareness of and celebrating our cultural diversity together through various showcases of African cultures.

TBE Tenants, their families and guests of all cultures arrived in stylish African attire to observe their own culture as well as the cultural wealth of our nation that make South Africa a rainbow nation.

Apart from the numerous South African cultures that were represented as part of the event; there was also strong pan-African representation from regions such as; Democratic Republic of the Congo, Lesotho, Nigeria, Rwanda and Zimbabwe.

Commenting on the event, David Seinker, CEO of The Business Exchange, said “Participants were made aware of the rich cultural heritage that binds us as a South African society and we all realised that day just how important it is to preserve and promote each culture.”

Activities included traditional food tasting and the sharing of refreshments. Participants were delighted to taste African food from different regions and expressed their desire to participate in a similar event next year. Phindile Susha, one of the attendees, said, “The event meant so much to me because it’s a day where we can celebrate our diverse cultures and get a chance to dress up in beautiful traditional attire.”

To add a touch of excitement to the day, Best Dressed Awards were presented towards the end of the evening with prizes being awarded to the following companies for their beautiful outfits;

1st Prize – Irene – Black Stone Futures from TBE Morningside offices and Kelsy from TBE Rosebank.

2nd Prize – Intombi Services from TBE Rosebank

Crystal Horizons Youth Centre’s mission is to mobilise, motivate and engage young people to play a significant role in addressing the challenges facing our society. Their services include; Youth Mentorship, Youth Volunteerism & Civic Engagement and job programme opportunities for young people. For more information on their programmes or to become involved, please visit

Next Pitching Event Happening On Spring Day!

Next Pitching Event Happening On Spring Day!


Launch your business into a new dimension this Spring day by attending the next Pitching Event to be held at The Business Exchange in Rosebank.


  1. Apply below and if your application to attend the Pitching Event is successful, you will be notified and then requested to complete a presentation document.
  2. On the day of the event, you will have 15 minutes to privately present your business case to the two Angel Investors.
  3. Applicants who are not selected to present will still be able to attend the event to learn from the experience and benefit from the insight provided through a talk given by The Business Exchange CEO, which deals with what different investors are looking for and tips on how to close out the deal.
  4. If you are not selected, you will still be able to connect with other funders with different investment criteria to these Angel Investors.

If you are a tenant of The Business Exchange and interested in attending this pitching event, you will need to apply online.



01 September 2016 @ 3:30pm

The Business Exchange in Rosebank

195 Jan Smuts Avenue, Rosebank

(Parking access off 7th Avenue and Cnr Jan Smuts Ave)

Our Pitching Event

The Business Exchange recently held their first private pitching event at The Business Exchange in Morningside, which was attended by 25 entrepreneurs. The event was a great success with excellent networking opportunities and David Seinker, CEO of The Business Exchange, imparted some of his vast experience on the best ways to attract investment.

Facilitators from Suits and Sneakers, a human development concept centred on informal learning and storytelling, were also invited to attend and gave an inspiring talk on technology and business trends. After the event, 5 of the entrepreneurs who attended were asked to meet with investors who are now in discussions with the entrepreneurs regarding funding.

Keep an eye out for our next informative investment evening which will be held during September.



Contact us to setup a meeting with one of our office managers, view our offices and to secure your office space at The Business Exchange.

The Business Exchange Hosts It’s Networking Event

July, 2015 – The Business Exchange, provider of flexible workspace, hosted its networking event on 16th July at its premises in Rivonia Road, Sandton. The main focus of this event was to provide tenants with an opportunity to meet each other and receive an introduction to The Business Exchange’s vast network of investors. It was also an opportunity for the business centre to exhibit its office rental solutions to a select guest list of up and coming entrepreneurs.

The cocktail event was extremely well-attended by around 200 guests who had an excellent opportunity to build new business relationships.

CEO of The Business Exchange, David Seinker, said “Besides having our office solutions on display, we also wanted to provide entrepreneurs and established business owners with a platform to develop their network. The feedback was incredible and we aim to host more of these events in the future.”

The Business Exchange, which has only been in operation for 5 months, currently offers 37 serviced offices, 4 meeting rooms and a larger office space of 127 square meters. It also has plans to increase its current floor space in future phases. “Due to demand, we will be expanding our footprint throughout major business centres in South Africa and later, into Africa,” said Seinker.

This business centre offers a variety of flexible office solutions, including serviced, shared and virtual offices, to suit your exact office requirements and budget.

The Business Exchange is situated at 150 Rivonia Road in Sandton with easy access to all major highways, transport hubs and airports.

Commercial Real Estate Round Table

Experts in commercial real estate share their insights at a Commercial Real Estate Round Table

“As a means to better understand the commercial retail industry, Standard Bank asked the roundtable experts to identify some of their challenges and concerns within the sector.”

Click To Download and Read “Entrep April 2015 SB Roundtable”


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