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How to Home Office from a Virtual Office

When you start a new business, one of the first things that you are going to be searching for is office space in a decent location. However your excitement usually fades quickly when you realise that your budget doesn’t allow you that prime location on a busy road and you accept that you may have to operate from your home office for a lot longer than you expected. So why not make use of a Virtual Office and a Virtual Assistant?

virtual office work from homeAt The Business Exchange, we offer a variety of office solutions which includes cost-effective, flexible virtual office space and help from a Virtual Assistant with your daily office tasks.

With one of our Virtual Office Packages, you will have economical access to:

  • Prime office address
  • Expert Reception Service
  • Add-on Virtual Assistant
  • Stylish, modern meeting rooms

How to Impress Clients on a Budget

Costs have to be strictly managed in the early stages of your business. However, that doesn’t mean that you are limited to meeting clients in coffee shops or from your home office. Even if you are renting a virtual office from us, you will still have access to our fully -equipped meeting rooms at one of our business centres.

Our business centres, which are located in the upmarket areas of Morningside, Rivonia, Sandton and Midrand, allow you to hold private meetings, conferences, presentations or provide training in a professional environment.

How can Virtual Office Space save me money?

By renting virtual office space, entrepreneurs gain all the benefits of a professional office setup, yet without the actual physical facility – enabling you to work from virtually anywhere, without the expensive overheads of office rentals, maintenance, cleaning, etc.

How can a Virtual Assistant save me money?

A Virtual Assistant can help you with the many different daily, and sometimes repetitive, tasks in a very cost-effective manner – as you only pay for the time that you use the assistant. You do not need to provide them with many of the perks that a full-time assistant will require. Office space, office equipment, leave, etc. are all taken care of by The Business Exchange, as well as financial and labour issues.

Other Benefits of Virtual Office Space

With no start-up costs or exorbitant rentals, this virtual office space concept is extremely popular with young businesses.

Each virtual office “tenant” receives a dedicated phone number, answered in your business name by a highly professional receptionist, who will direct your business calls to whichever number you choose, so that you never miss an important call.

You will be able to use our physical street address on your business stationery, to improve the professional image of your business.

Should you need to schedule a meeting with your clients, our modern and stylish meeting rooms, with video conferencing facilities, are available to you at an hourly rate – and you only pay for the time you need it.

Flexible Lease Periods

With, our flexible lease periods from one month and up, you will easily be able to assess if a longer lease is worth your stay or not.

Contact The Business Exchange to find out how we can help you to set up your own virtual office space and how our Virtual Assistant can help you to improve your focus on your core business


Contact us to setup a meeting with one of our office managers, view our offices and to secure your office space at The Business Exchange.

Technology Increases Attractiveness of Virtual Workplaces

It goes without saying that commuting is a major headache for anyone having to make the daily trip into the office and back home again. This is one of the factors why virtual workplaces are becoming more popular with both companies and entrepreneurs who are “home-officing” or whose employees are on the road for the majority of the day.

A virtual workplace is a space that is not physically located at a specific office. It is however connected via technology, enabling employees to interact with their clients and with each other in a collaborative environment, regardless of their geographical location.

Virtual Workplaces Are Connected Workplaces

The internet and technology has made it possible to be in more than one place at a time. At The Business Exchange, we provide high-speed internet access together with the tools that you will need to conveniently conduct your business from anywhere in the world.

Collaborating with employees in a virtual workspace is now simplified with the integration of people, hardware and online processes – all at the click of a button.

Services of a Dedicated Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant is an office-bound person who provides administrative assistance to virtual clients. The Business Exchange’s Virtual Assistant ensures that all our virtual office tenants are able to consistently operate at a professional level while out on client visits or working from home.

Our virtual assistant also redirects calls received by your business number through to your mobile number, after first greeting the caller expertly with your company’s name.

Furthermore, should you need to schedule a meeting; our virtual assistant will help you to book one of our corporate meeting rooms which are available for hire to all our virtual workplace tenants.

Virtual Workplaces Use Technology to Increase Productivity

Efficient use of a virtual workplace may contribute towards increased employee productivity as it saves travelling time and allows individuals to focus on a specific project without distractions. It also contributes towards a more balanced work-life environment which in turn, creates happier employees.

Renting a virtual workplace from The Business Exchange allows businesses, entrepreneurs and their employees to work from home or on the road, while still providing a professional images, prestigious address and corporate meeting place, should the need arise.

The Business Exchange Revolutionises Traditional Office Rentals

Business owners in South Africa are starting to take notice of a new trend which challenges traditional ways of working in a fixed office. This may be due to; the reluctance to be tied into long-term leases, cost saving initiatives, the need for smaller, permanent offices or even the frustration of negotiating daily traffic to and from work whilst losing valuable productivity.

Resourceful landlords, such as The Business Exchange – a provider of flexible and serviced office space in Sandton, are offering their clients various office and meeting room rental options structured around their clients’ specific needs without incorporating unnecessary costs.

Meeting Room Hire

Hiring meeting rooms on an hourly basis is proving to be extremely popular for companies who need to hold off-site meetings so as not to be disturbed by the daily office routine. It is also a convenient option for small businesses and entrepreneurs who require a professional venue in order to present a professional image to their clients.

Benefits of Renting a Meeting Room

  • Present a professional image to your clients
  • Pay only for what you use

Hourly meeting room hire will give you flexibility, whether you need to conduct a meeting, seminars, interviews, or training.

If you are looking to hire professional meeting room space in Sandton for a few hours, The Business Exchange offers a selection of contemporary and spacious meeting rooms available for hire on an hourly basis. It is conveniently situated close to major highways, transport hubs and various restaurants.

Their stylish and professional meeting rooms are ideal for formal discussions, presentations and for conducting interviews or training, all at a prime business address in Sandton.

Each meeting room is fully equipped to ensure that you are able to conduct your meeting with professionalism and ease, seating up to 10 people in comfort and privacy.

Our meeting rooms are available for hire by the hour, half day or for a full day and include the following;

  • High speed Fibre Optic Internet
  • Conference calling
  • Plasma screen for presentations
  • Boardroom furniture and seating for 10 people
  • Professional welcome area for guests
  • Tea and coffee

Impress and reassure your clients of your professionalism by hosting your next meeting at The Business Exchange’s upmarket and secure premises. You can be assured that we will value and uphold your corporate image at all times.

Additional Benefits for The Business Exchange Tenants

A distinct advantage of taking up an office at The Business Exchange is that it offers all office rental tenants access to a unique marketing platform whilst encompassing a professional public relations strategy to promote both The Business Exchange and its tenants.

The Business Exchange understands the power of the media, and as such, a key strategy though the marketing platform is to offer tenants the opportunity to gain exposure through print, broadcast and online media.

Online Marketing Portal

This platform allows tenants the opportunity to release and share their news and events online, whilst engaging with their clients, through digital activities via social media (LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter), a corporate blog and email newsletters.

Furthermore, all submissions to The Business Exchange corporate blog will be considered for distribution to the media.

Access Strategic Business Networks

The Business Exchange offers additional opportunities not available from any other serviced office rental company. Tenants will gain access to potential investors as well as to a network of like-minded business owners and professionals all with a common goal – to grow business, conclude deals and create larger market presence through beneficial relationships and networks.

Contact us to see how we can raise the profile of your company.


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