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Technology Increases Attractiveness of Virtual Workplaces

It goes without saying that commuting is a major headache for anyone having to make the daily trip into the office and back home again. This is one of the factors why virtual workplaces are becoming more popular with both companies and entrepreneurs who are “home-officing” or whose employees are on the road for the majority of the day.

A virtual workplace is a space that is not physically located at a specific office. It is however connected via technology, enabling employees to interact with their clients and with each other in a collaborative environment, regardless of their geographical location.

Virtual Workplaces Are Connected Workplaces

The internet and technology has made it possible to be in more than one place at a time. At The Business Exchange, we provide high-speed internet access together with the tools that you will need to conveniently conduct your business from anywhere in the world.

Collaborating with employees in a virtual workspace is now simplified with the integration of people, hardware and online processes – all at the click of a button.

Services of a Dedicated Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant is an office-bound person who provides administrative assistance to virtual clients. The Business Exchange’s Virtual Assistant ensures that all our virtual office tenants are able to consistently operate at a professional level while out on client visits or working from home.

Our virtual assistant also redirects calls received by your business number through to your mobile number, after first greeting the caller expertly with your company’s name.

Furthermore, should you need to schedule a meeting; our virtual assistant will help you to book one of our corporate meeting rooms which are available for hire to all our virtual workplace tenants.

Virtual Workplaces Use Technology to Increase Productivity

Efficient use of a virtual workplace may contribute towards increased employee productivity as it saves travelling time and allows individuals to focus on a specific project without distractions. It also contributes towards a more balanced work-life environment which in turn, creates happier employees.

Renting a virtual workplace from The Business Exchange allows businesses, entrepreneurs and their employees to work from home or on the road, while still providing a professional images, prestigious address and corporate meeting place, should the need arise.

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