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How to Home Office from a Virtual Office

When you start a new business, one of the first things that you are going to be searching for is office space in a decent location. However your excitement usually fades quickly when you realise that your budget doesn’t allow you that prime location on a busy road and you accept that you may have to operate from your home office for a lot longer than you expected. So why not make use of a Virtual Office and a Virtual Assistant?

virtual office work from homeAt The Business Exchange, we offer a variety of office solutions which includes cost-effective, flexible virtual office space and help from a Virtual Assistant with your daily office tasks.

With one of our Virtual Office Packages, you will have economical access to:

  • Prime office address
  • Expert Reception Service
  • Add-on Virtual Assistant
  • Stylish, modern meeting rooms

How to Impress Clients on a Budget

Costs have to be strictly managed in the early stages of your business. However, that doesn’t mean that you are limited to meeting clients in coffee shops or from your home office. Even if you are renting a virtual office from us, you will still have access to our fully -equipped meeting rooms at one of our business centres.

Our business centres, which are located in the upmarket areas of Morningside, Rivonia, Sandton and Midrand, allow you to hold private meetings, conferences, presentations or provide training in a professional environment.

How can Virtual Office Space save me money?

By renting virtual office space, entrepreneurs gain all the benefits of a professional office setup, yet without the actual physical facility – enabling you to work from virtually anywhere, without the expensive overheads of office rentals, maintenance, cleaning, etc.

How can a Virtual Assistant save me money?

A Virtual Assistant can help you with the many different daily, and sometimes repetitive, tasks in a very cost-effective manner – as you only pay for the time that you use the assistant. You do not need to provide them with many of the perks that a full-time assistant will require. Office space, office equipment, leave, etc. are all taken care of by The Business Exchange, as well as financial and labour issues.

Other Benefits of Virtual Office Space

With no start-up costs or exorbitant rentals, this virtual office space concept is extremely popular with young businesses.

Each virtual office “tenant” receives a dedicated phone number, answered in your business name by a highly professional receptionist, who will direct your business calls to whichever number you choose, so that you never miss an important call.

You will be able to use our physical street address on your business stationery, to improve the professional image of your business.

Should you need to schedule a meeting with your clients, our modern and stylish meeting rooms, with video conferencing facilities, are available to you at an hourly rate – and you only pay for the time you need it.

Flexible Lease Periods

With, our flexible lease periods from one month and up, you will easily be able to assess if a longer lease is worth your stay or not.

Contact The Business Exchange to find out how we can help you to set up your own virtual office space and how our Virtual Assistant can help you to improve your focus on your core business


Contact us to setup a meeting with one of our office managers, view our offices and to secure your office space at The Business Exchange.

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