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Important Office Space Trends Affecting The Way We Work

May 2019– As we progress further into the digital age, the lines between the way we work and play are becoming more blurred. Our daily workspaces are morphing into beautifully designed areas of ergonomic excellence, where employees can enjoy a new type of flexibility – one where they are endowed with entrepreneurial levels of creativity and productivity not seen on such a scale before.

Progressive Technology in the Workplace

The reinvention of the traditional office layout can be attributed to the growing number of millennials who differ significantly from the previous generation in terms of both their requirements and expectations in the workplace.  This rising generation has been and continues to be influenced by the rapidly changing technology which is available to them.

According to David Seinker, CEO of The Business Exchange– which offers co-working space in Johannesburg and Mauritius, currently only 3% of the global market is utilising coworking space. This has not yet begun to scratch the surface. Seinker says that if South Africa follows suit with WeWork being the largest occupier of office space in New York and London and Regus not far behind them, then South Africa can expect its co-working spaces to increase to around 30% by 2020 and ultimately 50%.

Both small and large companies are increasingly looking at renting flexible, fully- serviced office space, which is another primary driver in this sector. However, it is not just limited to the need for flexibility but also to the overall experience of how a day in the office should be experienced, as our working hours get longer.

Touchdown at the Office

Not everyone needs to be in the office all day. Shared office spaces are becoming more popular, where cost-effective “hotdesks” are ideal for these types of workers. They are functional spaces which allow employees to quickly check their emails, make a few calls, update their admin and get back onto the road again.

The Power of Community

The Business Exchange took notice of how their shared office spaces in Johannesburg created a natural and genuine sense of collaboration between their tenants and capitalised on this to their tenant’s advantage by offering various business networking events.

Office Design Functionality

Endless rows of desks and office cubicles are being replaced by sophisticated workplace designs with statement art pieces, natural light and optimal acoustics. Formal and informal meeting areas are carefully spaced to appeal to a variety of business needs. The main aim of these new workspace designs is to provide employees with a balance between their physical and mental health.

Wellbeing in Shared Workspaces

Aside from the activity-based meeting rooms, office space trends are also seeing more break-away spaces such as coffee-bars, on-site restaurants, gyms, showers and cafés. As employee retention becomes more difficult, it becomes increasingly important to ensure that everyday workspace is a happier and healthier place. Ultimately, this will have a positive impact on all employees and reflect back on the company’s bottom line.

Workspaces are evolving into more than just shared physical spaces – they are becoming places where ideas are being exchanged, and knowledge shared – workspaces where innovation thrives.


5 Quick Tips About Shared Workspace

September 2018 – So, you’ve decided to take up a coworking space in a beautiful office and you arrive prepared, with your laptop in tow and surrounded by an air of expectation. As you step over the threshold into your new open workspace you suddenly ponder what the unwritten law of etiquette is in the workspace.

In one of our previous articles, we discussed how “The Workspace You Occupy Creates A Unique Culture” . Practising effective etiquette in a shared workspace is another aspect of creating a unique office culture, which can significantly contribute towards business success.

Courteous relationships in the workspace depend on a couple of factors, of which we have found these to be the most important;

Tone It Down

Whether it’s your ringtone or tone of voice, it’s important to consider others in your workspace. Speaking in a loud voice other colleagues or on the phone is a no-no in an open office. It’s also in very bad taste to air your personal issues over the phone. Rather find a quiet corner or a small, private meeting room to conduct a conversation where emotional issues are involved. Another very annoying factor in an open office can be ringtones that imitate insects chirping, machinery grinding or F1 racing cars going around the track, driving your office colleagues insane! If you have a radio on your desk, remember that not everyone has your excellent taste in music, so adjust the volume accordingly!

Clean Up, Wipe Down

Nobody likes working in a mess, whether it’s in the kitchen or the office. If you make a mess – clean it up out of respect for other people who have to use the same facilities.

Scents-ational Odours

Strange body odours which creep up on you from a colleague who may have a hygiene issue are not the only annoyance factors in the workspace. Some people tend to enjoy their spray-on fragrances so much that they can’t wait to share it with everyone at work. They liberally drench themselves in their favourite perfume, and this applies to both men and women. Those with ultra-sensitive olfactory organs balk at the smells of warmed fish, broccoli or mass-produced curried noodles wafting through the office first thing in the morning.


Coworking workspace is an excellent opportunity for networking with other business professionals, but the trick is to get the balance right. Too much chatting and you can interfere with someone else’s hectic schedule. Privacy in an open workspace should be valued just as much as networking.

The Work Space That’s Mine!

On signing up for your flexible coworking space, you will be allocated your own workspace as well as being able to share other open-plan offices and facilities. Ensure that you understand the unspoken boundaries of personal workspace and don’t utilise anyone else’s paid office space. A great idea to own your workspace is to tastefully personalise it, but without bringing in a carnival-type vibe. You can read more about owning your workspace in one of our previous articles “How To Share A Coworking Office Like A Boss!

In short, be considerate in everything you say and do in an open workspace – and hopefully, your colleagues will reciprocate.

The Business Exchange is fast-becoming the leading choice for shared office space in Sandton, Morningside and Rivonia due to a value for money, shared professional business services and a range of business networking events.

Renting shared office space with us will give you access to meeting rooms, cutting-edge technology, on-site assistants, furnished offices, and a wide range of business support services.

Call us on +27 (11) 589 9020 or visit our website to learn more about our shared office space solutions.

Get CoWorking Space in Johannesburg

October 2016 – If you aren’t already familiar with the term “coworking”, it is a work style where entrepreneurs, business people, independent contractors or remote workers share a collaborative office environment.

This work style not only involves the sharing of coworking office space, but also the cost-effective sharing of business resources such as; meeting rooms, lounges, canteens, document stations, reception services, IT and telephone services, etc. It offers freelancers and other individuals, who work on their own, an opportunity to build their own business network.

At The Business Exchange, we offer a variety of flexible contracts for shared, creative coworking office spaces in Johannesburg – in particular, Sandton and Rosebank. Our sophisticated, shared offices with beautifully furnished interiors are designed to inspire you from the moment you set foot in them.

David Seinker, our CEO, and his staff go to great lengths to cultivate a unique community spirit where the emphasis is on the personalised human element as well as a strong sense of identity. Seinker says, “I want our tenants to have purpose and meaning when they come to work – they must feel inspired! Employees who are inspired ultimately have an abundance of energy and great ideas.”

With 5 hours of free meeting room space per month, uncapped fibre optic internet, telephone access and a variety of concierge services, you will be able to maximise your productivity in our refined environment. In addition, our prestigious offices are conveniently located close to major CBD’s and have secure on-site parking. Should you prefer to use public transport, our offices are easily accessible from the Gautrain bus routes.

The Business Exchange coworking office space also offers you opportunities for personal growth in addition to building your business and professional network. This is done through the many different peer-to-peer events that we hold monthly for our tenants and where highly-respected guest-speakers regularly impart valuable business knowledge to motivate and mentor our tenants.

Apart from our free tea and barista-served coffee, we also have our own on-site canteen where you can take a break if the pace gets too hectic.

Our coworking office spaces are an affordable solution to luxury office space and can easily accommodate your business no matter the size or business stage.

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