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Setup your office space in Mauritius with TBE

Mauritius is the perfect launchpad into Africa and an ideal place to set up business headquarters. TBE Mauritius is fully equipped with Private, Co-Working, and Virtual Offices. There’s a solution to fit businesses of all sizes.

For more information about office space to rent in Cyber City Mauritius, view our Mauritius Office Space page. The Business Exchange in Mauritius is located in Ebene, Cyber City.

A Smarter Way To Use Satellite Office Space

September 2018 – If your company is a large corporate or an SME and you or your staff travel extensively to meet with clients or suppliers, you will appreciate the benefits that a satellite office has to offer your business.

Companies that rent office space and meeting rooms to business travellers, should provide workspace in a variety of configurations that allows remote workers the flexibility they need to conduct their business when far away from their home base.

David Seinker, CEO of The Business Exchange (TBE) in Gauteng, says, “We understand the challenge that business travellers face when they fly up to Gauteng for business every month. They require a professional workspace for perhaps a few hours or a day or two, where they can meet with their business contacts or catch up on their paperwork.”

In response to this growing demand, companies like TBE are offering more affordable business membership options to corporates or SME’s, without the prerequisite of them having to be current tenants.

Benefits of Business Membership For Office Space

The drawcard for corporate travellers to take up business memberships for office space is the flexibility to rent a meeting room or office only for the time needed and no more! In addition, these travellers prefer a professional business environment, in a prestigious business district, close to major roads, highways and public transport. Reputable flexible office space providers should provide a range of well-designed and contemporary configurations, lounges and breakaway areas to meet these needs.

“In addition to our well-designed office spaces, we also have on-site restaurants, coffee bars, whiskey lounges with full bar services, and even gyms and showers at some of our properties,” says Seinker.

Types of Business Memberships

TBE offers two business membership packages; Platinum or Black.

Platinum Membership for Office Space and Meeting Rooms

  • R250 per person, including:
  • Access to a co-working area at any TBE office for 4 days per month.
  • 2 hours per month of video conferencing/boardroom use at any TBE office.

Black Membership for Office Space and Meeting Rooms

  • R450 per person, including:
  • Access to a co-working area at any TBE office for 8 days per month.
  • 4 hours per month of video conferencing/boardroom use at any TBE office.

Both office space memberships include:

  • Access to TBE’s popular monthly networking and business events.
  • Access to TBE’s in-house App, including all the benefits of banner advertising and promotions.
  • 10% discount on any additional office bookings.
  • Use of TBE’s Events Spaces.
  • Option to upgrade full-day co-working office bookings to private office space bookings.

Are You Looking for Affordable Office Space in Sandton?

July 2018 – Office space in Johannesburg, according to the JJL Q1 2018 Johannesburg Office Market Report, continues to be the preferred choice for many corporates and small businesses, with the Sandton, Rosebank, and Waterfall nodes respectively accounting for 37%, 27% and 25% of the city’s development pipeline.

Affordable Approach to Rent Workspace and Offices

The Business Exchange’s unique workspace model is good news for corporates and small businesses who are concerned about the costs of renting an office in the prestigious areas of Sandton, Rosebank, or Morningside. Whereas A-Grade office space in Sandton currently attracts rentals of between R220 and R242 per square meter, The Business Exchange utilises a unique all-inclusive pricing model, where tenants are charged for workspace per person instead of per square meter.

Benefits of Renting Office Space in Johannesburg

Whether you are looking for workspace for yourself or your entire company, this all-inclusive offering at each of our properties located in Sandton, Rosebank and Morningside, allows each tenant to enjoy a range of benefits, depending on your selected office rental:

  • Own landline number
  • Professional reception and switchboard answering service
  • Dedicated, on-site Manager
  • High-speed, fibre optic Wi-Fi with IT Technician services
  • Fully furnished office space
  • Centralised documentation hubs
  • Free use of events spaces
  • Fully equipped meeting rooms
  • On-site coffee shops and cafes
  • Gyms with showers
  • Access to monthly networking events
  • Access to TBE App
  • Biometric access and secure parking
  • Rates, air-conditioning, water and lights included

Our high-quality office spaces, which are environmentally friendly, efficient and modern in design, offer you a flexibility that is not found in traditional office space leases.

Workspace That Helps Your Business Grow

The Business Exchange takes a personal interest in assisting you to grow your business through a variety of endeavours such as being part of a like-minded professional community, having the opportunity to create your own culture and many valuable networking opportunities.

Our monthly networking events host professional, successful speakers and business people alike, who impart valuable knowledge to our community of tenants in order to encourage and mentor them to business success.

Please make contact with us to find out how you can become part of our dynamic community and for an opportunity to take your business to the next level.


Contact us to setup a meeting with one of our office managers, view our offices and to secure your office space at The Business Exchange.

6 Future Trends of Traditional Office Space

September 2017 – A new approach to South African commercial realty practices is making waves in the corporate office space sector, with large companies such as Regus, The Business Exchange and The Business Centre leading the way with shorter-duration leases, more flexible and social working environments, private, shared and virtual office space, as well as technology-enabled meeting rooms and business networking functions – all within their well-located business centres across the country.

If the places in which we work haven’t changed much over the last half-century, the way in which we work certainly has and it is imperative that commercial office space quickly adapts to keep up with this current workplace evolution.

Progressive Landlords Carving Out the Commercial Office Space of the Future

These next-generation landlords, who provide flexible office space on short-term leases, are non-traditional in their approach to renting out modern offices space at their business centres. They understand that where people live and how they work has undergone a significant change over the last decade, since the concept of co-working in shared office spaces was first introduced. Up until recently, landlords who rent out commercial office space, have been targeting entrepreneurs and freelancers who are at the initial stages of setting up their businesses and need affordable, yet professional office space. However, forward-thinking landlords, although still targeting entrepreneurs and freelancers, are now also marketing to larger businesses and corporates, whom they hope to attract with an extensive range of additional business services and offerings.

Millennials and Post-Millennials Influencing Work Space Designs

The entry of the Millennial generation, (those born from 1982 onwards), into the workplace environment fast-tracked the requirement for co-working office spaces and virtual offices. This was mainly due to their technological inclination and moreover, their desire to be able to work from any place at any time.

A recent whitepaper, Securing Work Spaces for Tomorrow, produced for Dimension Data surmises “… close to 80 percent of knowledge workers globally work remotely at least one day per week. By 2020, up to 1.55 billion workers will be responsible for work that does not confine them to a desk. Enterprises that are not adapting to the changing expectations and failing to offer a flexible, autonomous and creative work environment risk difficulties in attracting and retaining next-generation talent.”

In today’s competition for skilled talent, broadminded companies understand the importance of attracting the right talent by creating high-end office spaces of the future, which are comfortable environments to work in and which encourage employees to be creative and productive, while at the same time promoting their well-being.

Some examples of these new work space approaches include;

  • On-site restaurants and coffee bars
  • High-speed fibre connectivity
  • Online collaboration systems and document sharing tools
  • Formal meeting rooms fully equipped with video-conferencing equipment
  • Private, serviced office space
  • Co-working office space / shared office space
  • Hot-desks with “plug and play” capabilities
  • Creative, open spaces to stimulate brainstorming
  • Events spaces
  • Mood-lighting
  • Soft-seating lounges
  • Documentation hubs
  • Business networking functions
  • Rooftop gardens
  • Parks
  • Mini golf courses

Business Centres Creating Stimulating Office Spaces

Providers of flexible office space such as Regus, The Business Exchange and The Business Centre have carefully considered all these factors and created work spaces aimed at stimulating greater collaboration and networking opportunities between co-workers and colleagues. While they may not have a mini-golf course in their business centres, these landlords have successfully adapted their service offerings to provide the right balance of a professional work environment and creative, stimulating community who are equipped with all the technology required to conduct their daily business.

Employers Enabling Employee’s Effectiveness

Today’s employees demand a workplace that takes their happiness, health and wellness into consideration, and an employer who understands this. Business centres designed for the future, offer a variety of office space configurations and have adopted diverse approaches to make the work space environment more enjoyable and efficient, while using the latest technology to become more productive. These business centres understand that work is not only accomplished by being stuck at a desk and that the workforce needs to be redefined to become a community.

One of the major benefits of sharing office space is that it is a more open and social meeting place for quick, casual interactions where employees no longer sit in cubicles or behind office doors and where creativity is no longer stifled. Shared office space is a place where co-workers become a community.

David Seinker, CEO of The Business Exchange says, ““We hold regular events and facilitate networking between companies. Firstly, it helps to communicate with other start-ups when you’re just starting out. Starting a business can be a lonely experience. Secondly, relationships lead to business opportunities. We’ve seen many examples where an informal chat with someone from another business led to a great opportunity. We view our tenants as a community and take a personal interest in their business development.”

More Affordable, Short-Term Office Space Leases

However, the future of modern offices is not purely about social factors. A significant shift in the commercial office space landscape, is the option of shorter-term leases. According to Convene, a flexible workspace operator based in New York, this may well be attributed to the current average life expectancy of a company being 7 years, bearing in mind that while start-up companies may fail often and quickly, mature companies, nowadays, are more likely to enter into joint ventures or merge – thus changing the need for specific office space configurations. A short-term lease is appealing to both start-ups and mature businesses as they are not tied into an inflexible lease and can quickly upscale or downscale as the need arises, without any significant cost implications from lease penalties.

Modern Technology Guiding Office Space Designs into the Future

These carefully created, modern office spaces are designed to be a physical extension of the characteristics of Millennials and post-Millennials. Millennials are now starting to enter managerial positions, while post-Millennials are only just entering the workplace for the first time. Well-thought out work spaces ensure that this new breed of employee is neither restricted by time nor by space, and that the technology provided is not only state-of-the-art, but fast, efficient and available on-demand. As technology rapidly evolves and impacts on business models and processes, companies are required to think out of the box and consider all available technologies that may enable their employees to perform more efficiently.

It is vital that commercial landlords recognise that office space has become a more fluid and flexible working environment, where the on-demand consumption needs of the new generations must be met. These landlords are going to have to continually expand both their physical and digital offerings to stay ahead in the race for flexible office space.


Contact us to setup a meeting with one of our office managers, view our offices and to secure your office space at The Business Exchange.

Office Space to Rent – Improving Your Employees’ Office Experience

February 2017 – When searching for office space to rent, have you ever considered using your rented workspace as a strategic tool? Rather than it being just an attractive building for your clients to visit or a place where your employees drag themselves to work every day, your rented office space can help you to improve your bottom line.

How Can Rented Office Space Improve My Company’s Bottom Line?

The basic concept of improving your bottom line by renting your office space is very simple. You need to ensure that your staff are happy! Happy staff are more productive and creative, which impacts positively on their total work output. They are also generally healthier and look forward to coming to work, reducing staff absenteeism and employee turnover in the long term.

How Can I Improve My Employees’ Happiness In The Office?

Employees should be encouraged to communicate, brainstorm and network with each other in a comfortable and flexible workspace environment. This can be done in various ways if you choose the right office space to rent.

Flexible Employee Seating Options

By allowing employees to choose where they would like to work in the workplace, you can ensure an increase in daily face-to-face interactions between staff. This will ultimately have a positive impact on team-work, as well as improving interaction and communication between different departments. These type of encounters, where employees are allowed to sit and work together in an open workspace, will inevitably prove fruitful by creating a stimulating social environment.

Combination of Office Space Layouts

Employees may enjoy working in open workspaces, but if they need to concentrate, a private office is probably more suitable. Well thought-out office space for rent should provide a combination of open-plan offices and meeting space as well as private offices and meeting rooms.

Break Away In the Office

Lounges, canteens, coffee-bars and on-site restaurants are all valuable tools that can be used to encourage employees to take well-deserved breaks and informally network with colleagues. Many client issues have been highlighted and resolved over a quick cup of coffee or an unplanned lunch break, as barriers to effective communication are removed. Consider buildings such as these when you are looking for office space to rent.

Office Lighting & Temperature

Adequate amounts of light and an ambient temperature are highly conducive to efficiencies and outputs at work. Employees should be able to adjust both to feel comfortable, yet alert, with an adequate air supply and great lighting from both day and artificial light sources.

Office Décor

It goes without saying that the entrance to your offices and the reception area should always make a good first impression. Ensure that the d écor is attractive and in good repair when considering office space to rent. If office furniture is included in your contract, check that it not only looks good but is also ergonomic enough for your employees to comfortably use.

Flexible Workspace

An experienced landlord should allow you the flexibility to adjust your office size, without penalising you, as your company needs change. This will also ensure that your employees aren’t squashed into a tiny corner of cramped office space – or left wondering if they are the only person left in the building!

Rent Office Space in a Prime Business Location

Location is everything when considering the best type of office space to rent. Although upmarket CBD’s may seem an expensive option, there are landlords, such as The Business Exchange, who offer attractive, cost-effective office space in prestigious areas.

The Business Exchange, being more than just a provider of rented office space, has had the foresight to plan their rented office space for the comfort of office workers, and offers many other benefits for increasing both business networking and social interactions.

Contact The Business Exchange or visit www.thebusinessexchange.co.za to find out about the many innovative ways in which The Business Exchange assists their tenants to increase their business footprint and ensure their employees’ happiness.


Contact us to setup a meeting with one of our office managers, view our offices and to secure your office space at The Business Exchange.

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