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How To Invest Safely And Affordably Offshore

For anyone looking to secure their financial future, investing in offshore markets is a key consideration to building a balanced and diversified portfolio. This can be a rather daunting thought due to the number of international investments currently available, but the Business Exchange (TBE), in partnership with Maxcity Properties, the largest and most established property company in Mauritius, recently launched an exciting opportunity, offering investors a unique chance to own offshore property in Mauritius, a Dollar-based country.

At a very accessible price point, 117 sectional title serviced office space units are for sale from $36 500 each: “This is the ideal opportunity for investors seeking an affordable yet safe way to invest offshore, in an asset class operated and managed by a trusted and experienced South African company,” says David Seinker, founder and CEO of The Business Exchange.

All units will form part of a rental pool lease agreement, and investors will receive Net Rentals paid in US Dollars, the sum being dependent on the size of the property they own (calculated according to square meterage). With occupancy forecasted to reach up to 80%, buyers can expect net returns before tax on their investments of up to 10% from as early as year 2, with projected property appreciation of 30% over seven years.

After being incorporated in 2014, TBE has grown to six locations across South Africa and Mauritius, with further expansion plans for the rest of the continent. TBE successfully launched its first international location in Mauritius in 2019, with the site proving a resounding success. The building quickly became one of TBE’s top-performing locations after achieving full occupancy in record time.

Mauritius is increasingly being recognised as one of the foremost investment destinations on the African continent, presenting a sound environment both politically and economically. Major international brands, including Samsung, Broll, Expedia and NBA, have already based themselves at TBE in Mauritius in a serviced office environment.

“With this offering, TBE is targeting investors seeking to purchase property in a unique, high-growth asset class. Furthermore, it offers a hedge against the Rand in a location set to see stable and predictable growth in the near future,” he adds.

Offshore investment, especially in a Dollar-based country can provide a buffer against weaker currencies, such as the Rand, as well as both inflation and exchange rate fluctuations, increasing the potential to earn stable returns under varying conditions.

Investors interested in this unique opportunity may get in touch by emailing Danita de Canha or by visiting our website. Further information is available by viewing the brochure here.

How To Successfully Obtain Growth Capital For Your Business

February 2020 – David Seinker, CEO of The Business Exchange (TBE), an upmarket and high-end provider of coworking and private office space, is an entrepreneur in his own right. He has successfully negotiated over R100m in venture capital investment deals. He will be sharing insights into his successes, as well as discussing what it takes to successfully raise funding from private investors during an Investment Readiness workshop to be held on the 6thof February in Rosebank.

Reviewing the main reason for the successful conclusion of his deals, Seinker attributed it mostly to the underlying fact that the companies seeking investment  understood all the aspects of a private investment deal and dedicated themselves to becoming fully investor-ready, before approaching potential investors.

Entrepreneurs generally underestimate the amount of preparation that is required before becoming investor-ready” said Seinker. “It is also important to have a strong management team and to follow the investment process precisely achieve your investment outcome.”

Have A Great Business Plan

In addition to having a strong management team with a good understanding of the investment process, Seinker also pointed out the importance of a company having a thorough business plan in place.

Get Buy-In From A Strong Management Team

The primary purpose behind a business plan is to highlight the potential returns that investors can make, should they invest in your business. This plan not only needs to be driven by the business owner, but must also have “buy-in” from the entire management team to meet the challenging, yet achievable goals.

Understand The Entire Investment Process

Seinker added “The investment process consists of twelve steps from making the initial contact through to the finalisation of the deal. Aspects such as Due Diligence Reports and Term Sheet negotiations are included in these important steps.” An investor may also wish to conduct an internal check to ensure that due process and an adequate product/market opportunity evaluation was carried out.

The right financing for your investment needs

Seinker encourages entrepreneurs first to gain an understanding of what the investment process entails as well as what its implications on their business will be, adding that there are some great opportunities in the market.

The Investor Readiness workshop is a valuable precursor to the Investment Presentations Evening, where entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to present their business plan to potential funders, later this month on the 20thof February.

If you are interested in learning more about the Investment Process or would like to attend one of the events, contact rent@tbeafrica.com .

The Business Exchange offers fully furnished and flexible, serviced office space to meet your business requirements.


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