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Weekly Business Tips And Strategies For Entrepreneurs

October 2018 – The Business Exchange (TBE) attracts a large number of entrepreneurs who rent office space from its business centres located in the Johannesburg area. These SME’s are at various business stages of running their new businesses, but all share in the excitement of the risks and rewards that these ventures bring.

Over the next couple of articles, we will be delving into what makes for a successful entrepreneur and some of the topics we will be covering will include:

  • How to register a company
  • How to get started with accounting
  • Important Business Strategies for entrepreneurs
  • How to market your business
  • How to use social media
  • How to make travel bookings

This week, we will be looking at your typical TBE Entrepreneur profile in terms of their association with TBE and why they chose this provider or furnished office space.

What is an Entrepreneur?

Entrepreneurs are classified as a person who organises and operates a business that fills the gap between what products or services clients require while taking on greater than normal financial risks in doing so. They invest and ultimately risk their own and/or other people’s money to produce a relevant product or offer a service that can be sold at a profit, providing a satisfactory return on the initial investment.

In the South African economy, entrepreneurs occupy an important position as they serve to stimulate economic activity. In order for the country to be prosperous, entrepreneurial activity needs to be motivated and rewarded in both economic and legal structures.

This is a point that David Seinker, CEO of TBE, understands well and a core pillar that underpins the values of TBE.

Who is the TBE Entrepreneur?

“Our TBE tenants are all entrepreneurs in their own right,” says Seinker. “They are hard-working, dedicated and disciplined with a high degree of self-belief which assists them to overcome daily business challenges, bringing them the success that they deserve.”

How does TBE help to grow its Tenant’s businesses?

TBE recognises the daily business challenges that entrepreneurs have to face when setting up a business. As a provider of private and shared office workspace, TBE has taken the initiative to assist its tenants by offering;

  • Cost-effective private and shared office spaces
  • Virtual office assistant and workspaces
  • Flexible office rental contracts
  • Fully-furnished, ergonomic and modern office spaces
  • Meeting rooms fully equipped with the latest audio-visual equipment
  • Access to events spaces for product launches, seminars, etc.
  • 24/7 access to open plan work areas
  • Uncapped fibre internet, telephone line & parking
  • Access to central printing services
  • Access to monthly TBE business networking events
  • Biometric security and CCTV
  • Dedicated Business Manager and reception service
  • IT technician services
  • Access to the TBE App, including all the benefits of banner advertising and promotions

TBE believes that by offering an enabling environment, entrepreneurs will be presented with not only impressive office space in prestigious locations but also a cost-effective platform from where their businesses can flourish.

To find out more about TBE’s workspace offerings and office locations, you can visit their website at www.thebusinessexchange.co.za

If you have a business topic which you would like to be addressed or if you would like to contribute to our articles in any way, please email your suggestion to digital@thebusinessexchange.co.za


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