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The Workspace You Occupy Creates A Unique Culture

23 Aug 2018 – The popularity of shared workspaces is increasing as younger professionals enter the workforce in search of a company where they can align their personal values in a positive environment.

Leaders of every size of company, from small businesses to large corporates, need to understand how a great company culture can become one of its strongest assets, improve collaboration and foster communities, especially within coworking workspaces.

The Business Exchange, a provider of cost-effective private and co-working office space in Gauteng, understands this principle very well and has successfully assisted its tenants to create their own unique corporate culture through a range of services and activities on offer. This cultural difference is clearly seen in each of their business centres.

The company’s CEO, David Seinker says that their business is not just about providing flexible office workspace to companies.

“We value our tenants as individuals and take a personal interest in seeing their companies succeed. Our staff are trained to provide a competitively high level of service and, as a business centre offering flexible workspace, we provide the resources and opportunities for our tenants to grow and the space in which to create their own corporate culture.”

Culture provides a purpose and connects management and staff with a shared set of beliefs. A healthy and vibrant company culture ensures that employees are valued, regardless of their position.

If building a workspace culture isn’t a priority for you, it should be.

Increase Productivity – and Your Bottom Line!

Creating a stimulating culture that you can all be proud of produces loyalty amongst your employees, which means that they will probably enjoy coming to work, resulting in less sick leave taken. By taking pride in their work, they will become more productive – which is great for your business targets.

Culture Creates Innovation in Your Workspace

A positive company culture can contribute greatly towards your business’s success by allowing employees to perform at their best. This is done by promoting your company values and designing your company policies around these values, which in turn have a positive impact on your employees’ attitudes. Ultimately this is reflected in the high quality of innovative work generated by them

Promote Cohesion in Your Shared Workspace and Increase Loyalty

A great company culture is a platform for your guiding principles and also an extension of your company’s personality – which both your employees and clients will see. It will create collaboration not only between your own employees, but also between yourself and your clients, as well as other companies occupying the same shared workspace as you.

Attract and Retain Valuable Talent

It goes without saying that the right set of skills and experience is important. However, by creating a unique culture, your company will be able to both attract talented candidates and keep them in your company.

Employees want to feel that they belong and that they are valued. An effective company culture can be the foundation of a successful, niche community in your workspace!

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