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Office Space to Rent – Improving Your Employees’ Office Experience

February 2017 – When searching for office space to rent, have you ever considered using your rented workspace as a strategic tool? Rather than it being just an attractive building for your clients to visit or a place where your employees drag themselves to work every day, your rented office space can help you to improve your bottom line.

How Can Rented Office Space Improve My Company’s Bottom Line?

The basic concept of improving your bottom line by renting your office space is very simple. You need to ensure that your staff are happy! Happy staff are more productive and creative, which impacts positively on their total work output. They are also generally healthier and look forward to coming to work, reducing staff absenteeism and employee turnover in the long term.

How Can I Improve My Employees’ Happiness In The Office?

Employees should be encouraged to communicate, brainstorm and network with each other in a comfortable and flexible workspace environment. This can be done in various ways if you choose the right office space to rent.

Flexible Employee Seating Options

By allowing employees to choose where they would like to work in the workplace, you can ensure an increase in daily face-to-face interactions between staff. This will ultimately have a positive impact on team-work, as well as improving interaction and communication between different departments. These type of encounters, where employees are allowed to sit and work together in an open workspace, will inevitably prove fruitful by creating a stimulating social environment.

Combination of Office Space Layouts

Employees may enjoy working in open workspaces, but if they need to concentrate, a private office is probably more suitable. Well thought-out office space for rent should provide a combination of open-plan offices and meeting space as well as private offices and meeting rooms.

Break Away In the Office

Lounges, canteens, coffee-bars and on-site restaurants are all valuable tools that can be used to encourage employees to take well-deserved breaks and informally network with colleagues. Many client issues have been highlighted and resolved over a quick cup of coffee or an unplanned lunch break, as barriers to effective communication are removed. Consider buildings such as these when you are looking for office space to rent.

Office Lighting & Temperature

Adequate amounts of light and an ambient temperature are highly conducive to efficiencies and outputs at work. Employees should be able to adjust both to feel comfortable, yet alert, with an adequate air supply and great lighting from both day and artificial light sources.

Office Décor

It goes without saying that the entrance to your offices and the reception area should always make a good first impression. Ensure that the d écor is attractive and in good repair when considering office space to rent. If office furniture is included in your contract, check that it not only looks good but is also ergonomic enough for your employees to comfortably use.

Flexible Workspace

An experienced landlord should allow you the flexibility to adjust your office size, without penalising you, as your company needs change. This will also ensure that your employees aren’t squashed into a tiny corner of cramped office space – or left wondering if they are the only person left in the building!

Rent Office Space in a Prime Business Location

Location is everything when considering the best type of office space to rent. Although upmarket CBD’s may seem an expensive option, there are landlords, such as The Business Exchange, who offer attractive, cost-effective office space in prestigious areas.

The Business Exchange, being more than just a provider of rented office space, has had the foresight to plan their rented office space for the comfort of office workers, and offers many other benefits for increasing both business networking and social interactions.

Contact The Business Exchange or visit www.thebusinessexchange.co.za to find out about the many innovative ways in which The Business Exchange assists their tenants to increase their business footprint and ensure their employees’ happiness.


Contact us to setup a meeting with one of our office managers, view our offices and to secure your office space at The Business Exchange.

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