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Youth Centre Partners with The Business Exchange on Heritage Day

October 2016 – At the end of last month on Heritage Day, the Business Exchange – in partnership with Crystal Horizons Youth Centre, a Voluntary Youth Organisation, hosted a heritage celebration at the Morningside branch.

The objective of this multi-cultural event was to promote nation-building, social cohesion and understanding, whilst raising awareness of and celebrating our cultural diversity together through various showcases of African cultures.

TBE Tenants, their families and guests of all cultures arrived in stylish African attire to observe their own culture as well as the cultural wealth of our nation that make South Africa a rainbow nation.

Apart from the numerous South African cultures that were represented as part of the event; there was also strong pan-African representation from regions such as; Democratic Republic of the Congo, Lesotho, Nigeria, Rwanda and Zimbabwe.

Commenting on the event, David Seinker, CEO of The Business Exchange, said “Participants were made aware of the rich cultural heritage that binds us as a South African society and we all realised that day just how important it is to preserve and promote each culture.”

Activities included traditional food tasting and the sharing of refreshments. Participants were delighted to taste African food from different regions and expressed their desire to participate in a similar event next year. Phindile Susha, one of the attendees, said, “The event meant so much to me because it’s a day where we can celebrate our diverse cultures and get a chance to dress up in beautiful traditional attire.”

To add a touch of excitement to the day, Best Dressed Awards were presented towards the end of the evening with prizes being awarded to the following companies for their beautiful outfits;

1st Prize – Irene – Black Stone Futures from TBE Morningside offices and Kelsy from TBE Rosebank.

2nd Prize – Intombi Services from TBE Rosebank

Crystal Horizons Youth Centre’s mission is to mobilise, motivate and engage young people to play a significant role in addressing the challenges facing our society. Their services include; Youth Mentorship, Youth Volunteerism & Civic Engagement and job programme opportunities for young people. For more information on their programmes or to become involved, please visit

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