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Why Flexible Office Space Is So Important During Covid-19

June 2020

WeWork recently published an article discussing how leading companies are coping with the transition to a new “business-normal” due to the impact of COVID-19 on the traditional working environment.

Millions of employees all over the world were forced to abandon their offices in favour of working from home to protect themselves and to try and prevent the spread of the virus, or at least to allow their governments some time to sufficiently prepare their country’s health infrastructure.

Companies had to adapt to new ways of working virtually overnight. WeWork’s articleHow the world’s leading companies are responding to COVID-19” highlighted the flexibility required by companies and real estate leaders in the wake of the virus, to increase their resilience and survive in the long-term.

After much consultation with industry-leaders, WeWork concluded that strong, yet flexible companies are built upon a leadership that ensures a healthy workplace culture – despite the current challenging conditions.

Although many people can work from home, this is not sustainable for every employee, nor productive for all client relationships. Many of the business leaders interviewed felt that a vital component to connecting people was in-office contact to keep employees engaged and motivated.

The Business Exchange has created sophisticated, spacious and high-end offices, filled with internationally-curated artworks, to inspire new ideas and for innovation to flourish. Their offices are designed to connect like-minded business people, as well as employees.

They provide cost-effective private offices for businesses up to 200 people, virtual office packages, coworking options and membership products. Their offices are fully-furnished and serviced with encouragingly flexible lease agreements, when companies need to quickly up or downscale operations, such as during this time of COVID-19.

Their flexibility also means that businesses requiring fewer desks, for those employees who cannot work from home, can still be accommodated in a professional office environment without having to spend a fortune on unused office space.

As a provider of serviced office space, The Business Exchange also takes on the additional responsibilities and costs of ensuring that the extra safety and cleanliness protocols required in the office environment, are implemented and supervised.

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced all businesses to rethink about the way in which employees interact in the office. The Business Exchange is one of the leaders of office space rentals in South Africa and Mauritius, who have adjusted their workspaces to adapt to the stringent density requirements and new health and safety practices brought about by regulations to control the spread of the virus.

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