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What’s Trending in Office Space in 2017?

February 2017– Office trends are changing, and office space is adapting as competition for skilled talent becomes harder. Organisations are fighting to keep accomplished, experienced staff and are implementing some novel ways to increase their employee satisfaction.

Flexible Office Space

Office space has matured from a cramped, hot little cubicle to a more flexible and spacious design. Employers are starting to recognise the results which come from providing employees with a happier working environment. These results include increased productivity and minimal staff turnover, leading to a visible improvement in company profits.

State-of-the-Art Technology

The Internet of Things (IoT) is changing technology at a rapid rate. Smart or connected devices, which depend on wireless network connectivity, are becoming more popular with Millennials and even the older generation. Tablets are replacing laptops and wearable technology that tracks things such as health, fitness and security are taking on more roles in daily life. Any company that does not take this into account when planning new office space or overhauling their existing office design will fall behind in the race for skilled employees.

Private Work Space Within Shared Office Space

Although co-working office space is growing in popularity, there is still room for private workspaces in 2017’s modern offices. Both complement each other and allow employees to concentrate without interruption or to brainstorm and network with others, as the need arises.

Employee Wellness in the Office

More companies are also recognising the benefit to their bottom line by ensuring that their employees are both happy and healthy. Through supporting and promoting healthy behaviour in the workplace, health outcomes improve, and employee absenteeism due to illness reduces.

Types of Wellness Programmes can include;

  • Medical screenings
  • Weight management programmes
  • On-site fitness training
  • Health education
  • Working flexi hours
  • On-site health food vending machines, etc.

Companies also realise that by assisting their employees to improve their lifestyles, not only will the business’s productivity improve, but also company morale and teamwork, leading to a happier environment for all.

More than Just a Landlord of Leased Office Space

The Business Exchange, a provider of flexible leased office space in Sandton, Morningside and Rosebank, is a staunch supporter of this concept and as such, has designed sophisticated and stylish offices which meet and even exceed these criteria.

Tenants of The Business Exchange have access to high-speed, fibre optic internet connectivity, professional reception services and meeting rooms, on-site restaurants and coffee bars, centralised documentation stations and an onsite Business Manager to take the stress out of your physical office issues which interfere with getting business done.

Tenants also have access to a substantial network of investors and are regularly invited to attend free networking events.

The Business Exchange is more than just a Landlord. Management and staff take a personal interest in your business’s success and are prepared to assist you with a number of additional services, not readily available from other rented office space.

For more information on our complete range of services, please visit https://tbeafrica.com


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