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The Business Exchange Welcomes the Trade Commission of Chile, ProChile

April 2018 – The Business Exchange (TBE) recently welcomed the Trade Commission of Chile, ProChile, to one of its fully-serviced private and shared office spaces, in Sandton.

Why ProChile Chose TBE Serviced Office Space in Sandton

Although the Embassy of Chile is located in Pretoria, most companies with whom ProChile interacts are based in and around Johannesburg. When asked why he decided to choose The Business Exchange’s office space in Sandton, Trade Commissioner of ProChile, Hernan Gutierrez, said, “Our decision to choose TBE office space was based on the fact that its Sandton offices have a very good location and its office space service-offerings are the best on the market.”

About ProChile

ProChile was founded in 1974 as a key institution to foster Chile’s economic growth through increasing and diversifying its exports. It is a public institution of the Chilean Ministry of Foreign Affairs, that promotes Chilean exports to the South African market and investments in Chile. The company also organises trade missions, whilst generating economic intelligence and facilitating contact between businesses people.

During the 1990’s, ProChile became a crucial factor in supporting Chilean exporters to take advantage of the benefits of more accessible markets through its strategy of opening markets through free trade agreements. To date, ProChile has successfully secured 25 free trade agreements.

Business Networking Opportunities at The Business Exchange

The Business Exchange is an ideal platform for ProChile to further these business opportunities, since – not only does it offer private and shared office space in prestigious locations – but it also enables all its tenants to build on their existing business contacts through a number of networking opportunities offered monthly, at each of its premises.

Objectives of ProChile’s

ProChile’s main objectives are to offer its services to 60% of Chilean national exporters, whilst contributing towards decreasing the risks of the import process to enable approximately 500 companies to extend their reach into new markets. It also boosts innovation through programmes and training for exporters, to have at least 500 companies with innovative products and services ready for export.

The main products and sectors which are targeted by the Trade Commission of Chile in South Africa include;

  • suppliers of manufactured goods and services to the South African mining industry;
  • suppliers of raw material and final products for the South African agricultural industry, and;
  • the export of wood products to South Africa.

In summary, ProChile aims to increase and diversify the exports of Chilean products and services to South Africa, through a wide range of initiatives, such as; high level information systems, participation in important international exhibits and programmes designed for developing export business skills.

Contact ProChile

ProChile has 15 regional offices in Chile and abroad, as well as 56 commercial offices internationally.

Contact Person:       Cecilia Roca

Contact Number:      +27 (0)10 286 2230

Email:                         iveloz@prochile.gob.cl

Website:                     http://www.prochile.gob.cl/

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