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The Rise of Flexible Workspaces in Mauritius

Man talking on phone while leaning on balcony railing overlooking palm trees and beach town
Man talking on phone while leaning on balcony railing overlooking palm trees and beach town

In the heart of the Indian Ocean lies Mauritius, an island nation that is rapidly becoming a beacon for businesses seeking modern, flexible office spaces. Spearheading this movement is The Business Exchange, a visionary company established in 2014. With a presence in South Africa and Mauritius, TBE’s growth mirrors the increasing demand for flexible office space in Mauritius, especially as the nation strides towards digital transformation and economic recovery.

TBE: Pioneering Sophisticated Workspaces in Mauritius

We marked our first international venture in 2019 by launching in Mauritius, situated in the prestigious “1 CyberCity ” building in Ebene – the island’s prime business and financial district. This location’s success story is remarkable, achieving full occupancy rapidly and becoming TBE’s flagship location in Africa. The key to this success? A strategic location with easy access to key areas like Port Louis and the airport, coupled with premium serviced office space that appeals to a diverse clientele.

Expanding Horizons: TBE’s Growth in Ebene and Beyond

In line with the rising trend of hybrid work solutions in Mauritius, We set to expand our footprint in Ebene by doubling space at 1 Cybercity. This expansion was implemented in March 2022, to cater to a wide range of clients, from corporate giants to budding entrepreneurs. Our serviced offices in Mauritius are not just about space; they offer a complete package including state-of-the-art facilities like AV-equipped meeting rooms, a gym, coffee shop, and  whiskey rooms for that celebratory toast.

Why Choose Serviced Offices in Mauritius?

The future of work is here, and it’s flexible. Serviced offices offered by TBE, provide a turnkey solution for businesses. They come fully-furnished, with access to necessary amenities and a supportive in-house team. This model is particularly attractive in Mauritius, where companies can benefit from cost and time efficiencies, avoiding long leases and the hassles of setup. TBE’s clientele, including names like Macquarie Bank and Samsung, reflects the appeal of its sophisticated and spacious locations.

A Strategic Business Hub with Global Appeal

Mauritius is not just a picturesque island; it’s a strategic business hub. Its proximity to major African markets, beneficial fiscal policies, and a stable socio-political climate make it an ideal destination for businesses. TBE leverages these advantages, offering fully furnished offices and seamless corporate solutions. Our expansion plans into the northern part of the island took place by 2023 further underline our commitment to providing remote work solutions in Mauritius.

Tailored Solutions for Diverse Business Needs

At TBE, it’s not just about providing a workspace; it’s about creating an environment that fosters growth and innovation. Our tailored by TBE offering is a testament to this philosophy, providing bespoke fit out and furnishing packages for various business sizes. This approach not only saves costs but also ensures that each space uniquely reflects the brand it hosts.

More Than Just Office Space: Embracing the Future of Work

TBE understands that the modern workforce demands more than just a desk and a chair. Our flexible office spaces in Mauritius are designed to inspire creativity and productivity. From networking events to wellness rooms, every aspect of TBE’s offering is crafted to enhance the working experience.

As we look towards the future, the landscape of commercial office space is changing. By 2025, serviced offices are expected to constitute a significant portion of the global commercial property market. TBE is at the forefront of this shift, offering flexible lease terms and a network of prime office locations across Africa.

Your Next Step with The Business Exchange

The rise of flexible workspaces in Mauritius is more than a trend; it’s a movement towards a more dynamic and efficient way of working. With The Business Exchange, businesses in Mauritius have the opportunity to be at the forefront of this change. Whether you’re looking to set up a new business in Mauritius or seeking a flexible office space, TBE is ready to support your journey. Contact us now!


The Business Exchange has significantly reshaped the workspace landscape in Mauritius since 2014, with our premium serviced offices in Ebene’s “1 CyberCity.” Excelling in flexible and hybrid work solutions, we are expanding our footprint, with further growth slated for Mauritius by 2023. TBE’s cost-effective approach, offering fully furnished office spaces and state-of-the-art facilities, caters to a diverse clientele. Our tailored by TBE packages provide businesses with bespoke solutions, potentially saving them up to 70% on total lease investments. Positioned strategically with favourable fiscal policies, TBE is not just offering office spaces but leading the evolution of the workplace in Mauritius and beyond.

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