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Looking For Office Space in Johannesburg 2017?

November 2016 – The new year is just around the corner and you may be on the lookout for new office space but confused by the wide range of options currently available on the market. Remember that the basic purpose of an office is for it to be sufficiently functional in order to enhance your company’s productivity. However, there are also other important considerations which you need to bear in mind when searching for the best office space for your type of business.

  • How accessible is the location?

Office space in a prestigious area with secure parking is obviously first prize. Renting office space with a great location and easy access to major highways and transport hubs needn’t be expensive as there are now a variety of office space choices available.

  • How many employees do you have and how much space will you need?

When you consider how much office space to rent, you will need to take into account your company’s future growth as well as the original reason that you were looking for office space. Are you in the process of downscaling? Will your business be experiencing a growth spurt in the near future?

A landlord who offers flexible office space will offer a variety of office space configurations, including private or shared office space. Sharing office space also means that you can cut down on your office leasing costs, which is especially important when you are starting a new business.

  • Look for office space offering flexible lease periods

Don’t get tied into signing an office lease for a number of years. If your company booms or busts, you may need to adapt your office space accordingly and at short notice. A lengthy office lease will be very restrictive. There are landlords who are flexible enough to offer you different office space without incurring penalties.

  • What is your budget for an office space rental?

You will need to consider what your highest total monthly expenses will be as well as your lowest possible income and budget accordingly. Remember that if your landlord offers enough office space flexibility, you can always adapt your office space size as your business requirements change.

In addition, renting serviced office space with a centralised document station means that you won’t have to worry about building or office maintenance, cleaning services or leasing expensive electronic office equipment. A fully equipped and furnished business centre will provide you with all the tools you need, including high-speed internet. All you have to do is bring your laptop and plug it in!

  • Where will you meet your clients and guests?

Wherever you rent private or shared office space, you need to receive and meet with guests and clients. Ensure that your office space provider offers a professionally-staffed reception area with a personalised call-answering service and fully equipped meeting rooms onsite.

The Business Exchange is a provider of fully-furnished private and shared office space in prestigious locations within Gauteng. Our flexible leases from one month and upwards allow you to quickly adapt to changing business circumstances. Click here to learn more about our upmarket office space and business centres.

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