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How To Market Your Business

June 2019 –We have some suggestions for you on how to maximise your marketing efforts by working smarter and not harder! Marketing is not only about handing out flyers, samples and discounts or getting your car wrapped to get your brand more visible. You need to do some necessary groundwork to ensure that you are prepared for the questions and sales leads that will follow your marketing efforts.

Sell the Benefits NOT the Features

Before you embark on any type of marketing, you first need to make a distinction between the features and the benefits of your product or service. The easiest way to determine this is to ask yourself – what problem does my product / service solve? These are your benefits. Always address the benefits to your potential customers first. They must be made aware of why they need your product / service to get their buy-in.

Who are my clients?

Once you have established the benefits, you need to clearly define who your customer is. In other words; Who will be using your product / service? Why will they need it? Where are they situated? Can they afford it? Detailed research around this will save you a lot of time, money and effort in the long run.

What is an “Elevator Pitch”?

Now that you know who will be using your product / service and why, you need to develop an Elevator Pitch. An Elevator Pitch is a brief, persuasive speech of 20 – 30 seconds that you use to spark interest in your product, service or company. You should always be ready for any opportunity to talk about what you do in order to generate sales leads.

Do you have a website?

If you have a product or service to offer – you MUST have a website. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy and a lot of basic websites can be designed without any coding knowledge. A website will help your potential customers find your business and should address most of their basic enquiries, as well as provide a clear path for them to take a specific action in making a purchase or contact.

What about social media?

Social media is the next consideration – after you have established your website. However, not everyone uses social media, and the choice of platform that you choose must align with the type of product / service you supply. Your understanding of your customer profile will assist you greatly with this decision. You may find that your customers respond better to emails or flyers.

Network and build relationships

Using providers of flexible, serviced workspace, such as The Business Exchange in Johannesburg and Mauritius, you will have access to their free regular networking events where you will be able to mingle with other business people, spread the word about your business and receive coaching and mentoring from guest speakers. This is a fabulous opportunity to meet potential clients and build long-lasting business relationships.

Ask for referrals

Never underestimate the power of friends, family and existing customers. If they are happy with your services – be brave and ask them for a referral, whether by word of mouth or online. Many residential areas have their own Facebook groups and residents are always asking for referrals on these

Emailing Lists

Email marketing is still a highly effective method of reaching your customers. You can establish a business blog which offers relevant advice and where clients can subscribe to a newsletter about your latest specials. Each time someone subscribes, you have another potential client. The same can be done for giveaways or discounts which are provided in return for an email address.

Your marketing efforts need to be on point at all times. You need to be close to your customers and aware of the slightest changes in your market so that you can optimise your marketing activities as required. Research should never end.

To find out how The Business Exchange, can support your marketing efforts, please email our Business Manager or view our website

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