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How the workspace you choose affects your employee turnover

May 2018 – The workspace that you choose for your company’s offices ultimately has a major impact on your staff turnover and with South Africa’s current skills shortage, this is an important factor that every business needs to take into consideration when looking for new office space.

Whether you are a large, established corporate or a small business just starting out, the ability to attract and retain talent is a vital component in becoming an employer of choice and should be one of your main HR business strategies. Being an employer of choice means that potential employees with the right skill-set look forward to working for your company and your current, talented and experienced employees stay with your company for many years to come, keeping those vital skills in-house.

What are the main benefits of being an employer of choice?

  • Attracting the right talent to compete in the market
  • Improving employee productivity and commitment
  • Building a long-term business

How important is the workspace for employees?

It’s very simple. For your employees to be productive, they need to be happy. For them to be happy, you need to create a positive employment brand and a great working environment. Employees who are happy, are engaged with the company and by extension, creative and productive. If you are not a forward-thinking employer who is genuinely putting steps in place to become an employer of choice, your best employees will simply vote with their feet and leave for greener pastures.

How does an enabling workspace contribute towards productivity?

By providing enabling, flexible workspaces for your employees, you will demonstrate that you value and care for them. Flexibility in the workspace demands a melding of both open-plan and private workspace, where employees may choose their workspace preference, depending on their requirements or projects. Workspaces that successfully combine these office space designs have been proven to create a sense of community and workplace satisfaction in companies such as The Business Exchange, a provider of flexible office space in Gauteng.

What are the most important design factors in the workspace?

Businesses, no matter what size or life-stage are dynamic in nature and have different workspace needs at different times. The flexibility of the workspace which you select should take this into account by offering a variety of office configurations. The Business Exchange is an excellent example of how these different configurations can work in practice.

The Business Exchange offers both private and shared workspaces but also seamlessly integrates these offices in such a way that the public and private lounges, on-site restaurants and coffee bars, flow together with uninterrupted Wi-Fi throughout, allowing tenants to easily move from office to office, meeting room or restaurant.

The contemporary office spaces are fully-furnished, beautifully designed and filled with curated artworks from South African artists. Natural light, which boosts moods and energy levels, imbues the workspaces with an energy designed to improve creativity and productivity.

The Business Exchange understands the importance of productivity and stays abreast of the workspace trends and technology. With flexible leases and many other exciting and innovative features to improve your and your employees’ working days, this is a company worth considering for your next office move.



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