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Flexible Office Space – The Future Way Of Working

Flexible office space is the future of workspace design. For a company to prosper, employees need to thrive in their office environment, be productive, drive the business and build progressive companies.

Thriving in the flexible office space environment relates to employees’ experience of well-being, creativity, better interaction and work performance. A well-designed, flexible office space is essential if employees are to thrive.

Under the current pandemic, a large portion of the world’s population adopted remote working, with many enjoying the option of working from home. However, alongside the satisfaction of flexibility that remote working brings, people are missing out on a work-life balance. This balance comes in many forms, from interacting with colleagues in the office to simply getting out of the house for a change of scenery. For many, it is to find a place where one can work more productively – a place where one can concentrate without the distraction of children at home or the coffee machine’s noise at the local cafe distracting them from a Zoom call. While enjoying the current flexibility, people are missing some aspects of the workplace, which is why flexible office space is being seen as the workspace of the future.

Fully-serviced, flexible office space is appealing to more individuals and businesses as they realize the cost and time-saving benefits of being able to move into their office space and immediately begin focusing on their core business activities; without the necessity of unpacking and having to engage the relevant business and IT services that are required for daily business operations.

Benefits of fully-serviced flexible office space

Flexible office space has many other benefits too:
• It frees people and businesses from committing to long-term commercial property leases.
• It saves companies money as set-up, and ongoing costs are covered.
• It saves time and energy for companies having to find and negotiate with individual business service providers.
• It saves costs on hiring or buying specific business equipment such as PABX, copiers, and audio-visual equipment.

What is included in a fully-serviced flexible office space?

Landlords, such as The Business Exchange which has offices in Sandton, Rosebank and Mauritius, offer their tenants a range of equipment and services which are included in the lease. Some of these include;
• Fully-furnished offices
• High-speed fibre internet
• Business manager and reception services
• Coffee shops and cafés
• Utilities and cleaning staff
• IT technician services
• Biometric security and 24/7 access
• Central printing services
• Video conferencing and boardrooms
• Flexible event space

The Business Exchange also offers its tenants flexible lease agreements from one month and upwards, as well as access to their other office space locations, and exclusive business networking and mentoring events. These facilities and events present tenants with many valuable opportunities to network with fellow tenants. All tenants have access to a professional, on-site Business Manager who provides advice and support during daily business operations in an environment which can only be described as cutting-edge workspace design.

The Business Exchange realises that, by providing accessible, affordable and inspiring office space to individuals and businesses where they can work with a purpose, they will both thrive. The companies who realise this will own the future.

Contact The Business Exchange for your office of the future.

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