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What Entrepreneurs can learn from the Lions Rugby Team.


August 2016 – Being an entrepreneur sounds glamorous but in reality it is about having the perseverance to continue, being committed for the long-haul, showing bravery in the face of adversity, believing in yourself and having faith that you will succeed.

The incredible performance by the Lions rugby team against the Highlanders last Saturday is a testament to these attributes. With a 42-30 semi-final win in hand, the Lions showed their commitment and self-belief, along with their ultimate desire to keep winning and beating any team that stood in their path on their way to the Final this coming weekend. This team has come a long way, having put in years of hard work, which every entrepreneur knows is vital to a business success story.


The Lions stand out for their bravery and self-confidence, but they have also developed their skills to become a mature and established team. They stick to their game plan, obey the rules and move as a single unit to create a cohesive team which has got them to this point. Their strong self-discipline is an example for entrepreneurs who have to work long hours on their own or within a team and on a very limited budget in the beginning.


While celebrating their successes, entrepreneurs also need to learn to overcome risks and failures. If, like the Lions, you have a strong drive and passion for what you do, you will quickly learn to handle the challenges in order to reach the goal post.


The Lions know that sustained success takes years of careful planning, hard work and most of all, bravery. It is just as daunting starting up your own business as it is to meeting your strongest competitors on the field.

In the beginning, you will need to make a lot of sacrifices and take a lot of risks, as well as make tough decisions which could either make or break your company. This involves a huge amount of bravery which, once mastered, will bolster your business’s chances for success.

Just as the Lions team does on the field, entrepreneurs will need to persevere through the white-knuckled, adrenalin-fuelled feelings of apprehension that will grip them from time to time in order to make their business succeed and meet their objectives.


Success stories are filled with people who have a great passion and interest in what they do and a strong sense of commitment to achieve it. It is not easy building a company – or working together as a great team.

If the individual team members of the Lions aren’t committed, they will never achieve victory. They understand that their Coach and their Captain are fully committed to a winning strategy and in turn give their commitment to their leaders.


You have to admire the persistence and perseverance of the Lions in developing their technique to a point where they have a winning formula. Entrepreneurial history proves that if you have the perseverance to maintain your course, despite the obstacles that come your way, you will succeed. Never take your eyes off the goal posts. Learn from your mistakes and use the experience to do better next time.


Despite the challenges that they have been up against over many years to reach this point, the Lions believed in themselves every step of the way. All companies go through tough periods where doubts start to creep in. Self-confidence and a strong belief in your business idea is a common characteristic which successful entrepreneurs use to drive themselves forward to meet their objectives.

As the Lions make the long trip to New Zealand for the Final, while realising that they are the underdogs, they are equipped with the knowledge and belief in themselves that they can achieve anything. So too should you – as a budding entrepreneur, have this strong belief in yourself and your business, to carry you through whatever life may throw at you along your path to success.

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