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Choosing the Right Office Space to Rent

Making the decision to move from working at home to finding your first office space to rent can be daunting. You will need to ensure that, aside from being financially viable; the office space that you choose to rent will also be able to keep up with the pace of your expanding business.

How to Choose Office Space to Rent

Location, location, location

One of the most important considerations for your new office space will be the right location. Choosing the right location involves evaluating where you and your employees reside, so as to minimise travelling time as well as taking into consideration where the majority of your clients are situated. It is also important to have easy access to highways and major transport hubs.

In South Africa, security is also a major consideration and the office space that you may want to rent should provide a measure of security to protect both your business premises and your employees. This security may include a security company manning entrances to the premises and 24-hour security surveillance.

Secure parking facilities for you, your colleagues and your clients should also be available. Clients will not want to visit your offices if they do not feel secure and you may well have issues hiring staff if you are unable to provide them and their vehicles with safety and security.

Decide on a Specific Budget to Rent Office Space

You need to be sure that once you sign an office rental contract, that you will be able to cover the costs for the length of the lease. These costs are not only limited to the rental of the premises, but may also include; electricity, water usage, office furniture, telephone and PABX rental, as well as other daily office services such as; cleaning, reception, etc.

Ensure that when you sign your contract, you are fully aware of these additional and sometimes hidden costs as they can give you a nasty shock when you receive your account at the end of the first month.

A reputable Landlord renting office space will provide a concise lease, spelling out any additional costs for services, amenities and utilities, including maintenance and repairs.

Office Space to Grow with Your Business

When considering office space to rent, you need to bear in mind that your company will grow and your staff complement will expand. You therefore need to maintain a balance between paying only for what you currently need in terms of office space and ensuring that the office space which you are renting will be able to accommodate future growth.

Office space for rent should provide prospective tenants with a choice of office layouts, depending upon the amount of privacy required. A choice between private and open-plan offices should be available.

Office Furniture, Amenities and Utilities

As mentioned earlier in this article, it is important to clarify exactly what additional options are available with your office rental lease and what cost implications these will have.

You can be assured that a Landlord who offers the following has your business interests at heart;

• Reception area and welcome lounge
• Professional reception staff to greet guests and to redirect business calls
• Centralised Documentation Stations
• Wi-Fi connectivity
• Decorated, private furnished offices
• Private business lounges
• Fully equipped boardrooms
• Daily office cleaning services
• Secure on-site parking
• Easy access to restaurants / coffee shops

In addition, some progressive Landlords may provide a variety of networking opportunities to enable tenants to tap into their own influential network.

The Business Exchange is a cutting-edge business centre, located in the heart of the prestigious Sandton CBD in Johannesburg, providing both local and international companies flexible workspace solutions.

The Business Exchange also prides itself in looking after the interests of its tenants by providing;

• Flexible and affordable leases when choosing office space to rent.
• Online marketing activities for brand building and search engine optimisation.
• Free use of events space and attendance to conferences and networking functions.

Contact The Business Exchange today on officespace@thebusinessexchange.co.za to discuss your office rental requirements.

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