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Baker Baynes – Designing a Better World


Baker Baynes, a company providing Computer Aided Design products and related services, has recently moved into their new offices, located at The Business Exchange, 150 Rivonia Road in Sandton.

Richard Smedley-Williams, MD of Baker Baynes, was inspired by the philosophies of early-twentieth century architect Sir Herbert Baker and iconic designer, Ken Baynes to establish a company that would cater to a specific requirement that he had identified in the industry for reliable, trustworthy and experienced Autodesk Resellers.

Baker Baynes’ highly experienced team has built a reputation for themselves with engineers, architects and draftsmen in the design industry. This success can largely be attributed to the passion and commitment that the team has shown towards their clients.

Improving Clients’ Design Performance

The company also places a high priority on updating and educating their clients on the latest technology and software tools available. Through this process, Baker Baynes is able to assist its clients to successfully improve their business performance by reliably increasing their output.

The Autodesk solutions that Baker Baynes supplies to designers and engineers, allows clients to explore various design options, whilst allowing them the flexibility to collaborate closely with various other related disciplines throughout the workflow process. The team at Baker Baynes come with a reputation for service excellence has resulted in an extensive network of forward-thinking clients in the design industry throughout South Africa.

Enabling Sustainable Design Solutions

These forward-thinking clients have embarked on a sustainability revolution to create designs that demand less from the environment but also require new technology. As quickly as this technology evolves, so too do the ensuing workflows become more complex and complicated. Computer Aided Design tools and software, provided by Baker Baynes, enable architects, engineers and industrial designers with the ability to design and build these sustainable, quality structures to exact specifications within shorter time frames.

Future-Proofing Building Designs

Unlike Herbert Baker, today’s designers and engineers are able to use impact modelling, rapid iteration and massive collaboration design principles for their sustainable creations. Autodesk analysis technologies allow a deeper insight into potential design problems in order to mitigate any possible problematic impacts that a designer’s project may have in the future.

Collaboration Using a Multiple-Design Approach

Furthermore, the Autodesk solutions supplied by Baker Baynes allow a multiple-design approach to solve various challenges using virtual simulation techniques in order to garner the best solution. By encouraging collaboration between industries and even disciplines, Baker Baynes’ clients – aided by Autodesk solutions, are able to shared idea and explore new parameters.

Visit the Baker Baynes website at www.bakerbaynes.com for further information or contact them on +27 (11) 589 9031. You may also send an email to them at info@bakerbaynes.com

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