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Are You A Successful Start-Up or Established SME?

Are You A Successful Start-Up or Established SME? 

We Are Looking for Tenants Like YOU!

July 2016 – The Business Exchange is searching for high-growth, start-up companies and established SME’s who would like to connect with other like minded businesses, South African corporates and a group of influential and successful private investors .

Our current tenant mix includes professional service companies in industries, which include; finance, investment, legal, audit and accounting, management consulting, recruitment, marketing as well as the ICT sectors.

How To Become A Successful Start-Up

  • Do you understand your core business?
  • Are you and your team experienced in your line of business?
  • Are you able to set milestones and reach them on time?
  • Do you as a leader have the vision and determination to reach your goals?
  • Do you have a high level of self-discipline and self-control?
  • Have you successfully managed your company finances, even in lean times?
  • Are you currently making a profit?
  • Are you able to negotiate finance for your business?

Overcoming Initial Business Challenges

We understand that start-ups all experience a level of discomfort at first. The ones that persevere and overcome these initial issues are more likely to become high-growth start-ups with impact or become a more mature SME.

We are looking for these types of astute business people, who are focused on growth and are experts in their fields, to become tenants at The Business Exchange and to connect with our like-minded entrepreneurs for mutual networking opportunities.

Our tenant profile consists of results-orientated companies who operate with commercial professionalism, according to best practices and who are constantly searching for opportunities to do things better.

Screening Process

Once high-growth, start-up companies and SME’s have matured to where they can add value to other businesses, we encourage them to become part of The Business Exchange where they will be able to develop their businesses even further.

We use a streamlined application process to maintain the calibre of businesses that join The Business Exchange and to ensure that we only attract tenants who are reputable and reliable service providers.

If you are looking for office space to rent, contact The Business Exchange today to find out how we can assist you with more than just office space.


Contact us to setup a meeting with one of our office managers, view our offices and to secure your office space at The Business Exchange.

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