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3 Surprising Reasons Why Renting Professional Office Space Makes Business Sense

Jan 2020– The flexible office space market is developing rapidly in South Africa. Serious and sophisticated businesses are looking for collaboration with like-minded professionals in an innovative entrepreneurial environment, where they can achieve their company goals.

Providers of rented office space, such as The Business Exchange (TBE), offer their tenants a professional working environment, maximum brand exposure, various sales and marketing tools, access to funding and free networking events – all of which aim to assist them in growing their businesses.

1) Mutually Beneficial Marketing and Sales Activities

Office space tenants benefit from a number of marketing, media and sales activities conducted by TBE on behalf of both its tenants and itself. These activities include;

  • The Big Small Business Show offers interviews on live television which are valued at over R100,000 per show.
  • Free networking events during which tenants can connect, exchange business contacts and share networks.
  • The publishing of press releases, blog articles and mentions in the Press.
  • Social media advertising to TBE’s audience of over 20,000 followers.
  • Hosted events, such as INTRO, where tenants introduce themselves to other business professionals with the aim of collaborating and doing business.

2) Access to Funding and Finance

When renting office space at TBE, it’s tenants are in a fortunate position to take advantage of TBE’s access to high nett-worth funders who are interested in expanding their investment portfolios. Tenants are also invited to investment-fund raising events where angel investors and private equity businesses gather to listen to the tenants’ business presentations to attract potential funding.

Investor readiness seminars are presented to the tenants by entrepreneurs who have raised over R100m. TBE tenants also have access to a reputable accounting and advisory firm who can assist them with their financial needs and growth assessments.

3) Invitations to Free Leadership and Learning Events

TBE offers many opportunities to its tenants to grow and develop their businesses through a variety of business networking and mentoring events, such as the “Deep Dive” entrepreneurial series which offers thought-provoking business strategies.

Top business leaders present masterclasses to interested tenants, which discuss marketing, sales and funding strategies.

Services and Utilities Included in TBE’s Flexible Office Space Leases

  • Central printing services
  • Fully-furnished offices
  • High-speed fibre internet
  • Coffee shops and cafés
  • Utilities and cleaning staff
  • Client services and reception
  • IT technician services
  • Biometric security and 24/7 access
  • Video conferencing and boardrooms
  • Flexible lease terms

Considering all the benefits and opportunities available to tenants, renting office space from TBE makes business sense.

For more information on our different options and locations, contact officespace@thebusinessexchange.co.za or visit our website.


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