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Office Space 1 Cybercity, Ebene, Mauritius

Discover the Perfect Office Space in Mauritius with The Business Exchange

In a world teeming with opportunities, Mauritius stands out as a pinnacle of growth and investment. As a business hub with one of the most beneficial fiscal policies, Mauritius offers a business environment that is highly conducive to business growth and investment. A mere 4-hour flight from Johannesburg, Mauritius is an ideal location to base your company if you are looking to do business on the African continent.

Strategic Business Advantages in Mauritius:
Fiscal Policies and prime Locations

Added to The Business Exchange’s growing list of office spaces, Mauritius is uniquely positioned in the Indian Ocean, making it a strategic location for global commerce. Its favourable fiscal policies create a business environment that promotes economic growth and investment, providing major tax benefits to businesses. Mauritius consistently ranks among the top global financial centres, a testament to its robust corporate solutions.

Naturally, The Business Exchange provides the perfect location for any business’ office headquarters. The centre is fully equipped to host annual board meetings and conferences. A concierge service is available to assist guests arriving from anywhere in Africa.

Mauritius Office spaces: Strategic & Tax-Efficient

The regulatory environment in Mauritius has been simplified with the introduction of tax treaties between Mauritius and the rest of the continent, making it an ideal location for African based operations. To leverage these benefits, it’s crucial to have a physical presence in Mauritius, and our high-quality office spaces offer just the solution you need.

Fully Furnished Offices and Reception Services at The Business Exchange

The Business Exchange provides the perfect location for your business’ office headquarters. Our centre is fully equipped to host annual board meetings and conferences in our top-tier conference rooms. A concierge service is available to assist guests arriving from anywhere in Africa, ensuring seamless reception services. Our fully furnished offices provide a modern workspace for businesses of all sizes, offering shared office spaces as well as serviced offices.

As you plan to establish or expand your footprint in Mauritius, consider the advantages of a sophisticated, spacious, and flexible office space with The Business Exchange. Our ‘Tailored by TBE’ offering has proven very popular as we provide bespoke fit-out and furnishing packages for medium to large enterprises, helping them save up to 70% of their total lease investment.

A Destination of Choice for Business

Expanding further on the benefits of establishing a base in Mauritius, the island is not only renowned for its business-friendly environment. The quality of life, combined with an idyllic climate and breathtaking landscapes, makes it an attractive destination for businesses and their employees alike. The country’s stable socio-political climate, combined with a multilingual and highly skilled workforce, also contributes to its appeal as an investment destination.

Modern Workspace Solutions at the Business Exchange

At The Business Exchange, we pride ourselves on offering more than just office space. We provide a comprehensive business solution that caters to the needs of modern, forward-thinking companies. Our approach is geared towards facilitating your business operations, so you can focus on what truly matters: growing your business.

Shared and serviced offices

Our shared office spaces are designed to foster collaboration and innovation, providing you with the opportunity to network with like-minded professionals. If you need more privacy, our serviced offices offer a quiet, dedicated space where you can work uninterrupted. These offices come fully furnished, saving you the time, money, and hassle of setting up an office from scratch.

Tailored by TBE

One of the standout features of our offering is our ‘Tailored by TBE’ package. With this, we provide bespoke fit-out and furnishing packages tailored to your specific business needs. Whether you are a medium enterprise looking to expand or a large corporation seeking a more flexible workspace solution, our team of experts will work closely with you to create a workspace that reflects your brand and supports your business objectives.

Corporate Solutions for Your Business

In addition to our office spaces, we offer a range of corporate solutions to streamline your operations. Our reception services will ensure that your guests are warmly welcomed, while our professional concierge service is on hand to assist with any queries or requests. We also offer state-of-the-art conference rooms, perfect for hosting meetings, presentations, or events.

Enhancing Productivity and Efficiency

Every aspect of our service offering is designed with the aim of enhancing productivity and efficiency. We understand the challenges businesses face when it comes to managing a workspace. That’s why we take care of everything from IT infrastructure and security to maintenance, cleaning, and utilities.

A Workspace that Inspires

We believe that a workspace should be more than just a place to work. It should inspire creativity, facilitate collaboration, and promote well-being. That’s why our workspaces are equipped with comfortable breakout areas, modern kitchen facilities, and even wellness rooms. We also offer a calendar of networking events and workshops to enrich the professional lives of our community members.

The Business Exchange: Your Partner in Growth

With The Business Exchange, you gain access to a network of prime office locations, not just in Mauritius but across Africa. Whether you’re a start-up looking to make your mark, a small business ready to scale, or a large corporation seeking to de-risk, we offer flexible lease terms to meet your needs.

We invite you to experience the difference with The Business Exchange, where you can save up to 70% of your total lease investment and gain a workspace that grows with your business. By 2025, we predict that serviced offices will make up 35% of the commercial property market throughout the world. Be part of this change and embrace the future of work with us.

We invite you to contact us to explore how we can support your business with our comprehensive corporate solutions.


Our Packages

Virtual Offices



  • Prestigious business address
  • Reception answering service
  • Up to 5 hours boardroom and VC

Coworking Spaces



  • 1 week at $40
  • Hot Desking 8am – 5pm Monday to Friday
  • 24-7 access to offices
  • Fast Fibre connectivity
  • Parking included
  • 5 hours free boardroom and VC

Private Offices



  • 2 pax offices from $700 per month
  • Including internet and phones
  • Offices for 1-100+ people
  • Flexible lease terms
  • Fully serviced
  • Events and Media Access

Meeting rooms from $10 per hour


Office Space Benefits

Cutting-edge, high-end office design

Full set-up and furniture included

Flexible lease terms with rental savings of up to 70%

Secure IT and printing services available

Access to a diverse talent pool through exclusive events

Coffee shops and cafés onsite

Covid-19 on-site cleaning

Video conferencing and boardrooms

Utilities and cleaning staff

High-speed fibre internet, separate VLAN & Internet systems

Rates, Water, Aircon and Electricity

Reception and cleaning staff

Biometric security and 24/7 access

Free visitor parking

Connection with members via the TBE mobile App, including banner advertising

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